Simply Suitable - eBook

Simply Suitable - eBook
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Author Bailey Griffin's Simply Suitable takes the reader on a wild and romantic ride, from coming out balls and English society, to spies working for King and Country, to the depths of the British Museum. Merrick Sinclair, Earl of Stonewick, notorious rake, and part-time spy is bored and in search of a Mistress among the girls and ladies of the season. But his hunt for carnal pleasures is waylaid when he encounters dangers in an assignment for the crown and love, in the form of Catherine Richardson. Catherine doesn't want an arranged marriage; she wants romance and passion, at least once. When she uses her skills in ancient languages to translate part of a mystic scroll, she finds passion and danger. It's a thrilling cat and mouse chase between both lovers and villains.




Lady Richardson spoke, "My daughter happens to be adept at languages. There is no need for you to have wasted a trip here. Why don't I summon her to assist you?"
        Merrick recognized the speculative gleam shortly before she spoke, and did not want to drag this out. He had no intention of letting any female see this book (as if his reputation wasn't bad enough), and 'adept at languages' assuredly meant he would have to sit through some butchering of a French poetry recital while balancing a teacup on his knee. Neither held any appeal. But the lady was quick, as if she sensed he were about to bolt, and had already rung for the butler.
Merrick opened his mouth to make a polite, but firm decline, and at the same time, the doors to the library opened. In walked the girl from the balcony.
        "Catherine! What perfect timing you have. Come meet our guest." Lady Tennet imperiously waved Catherine in the room.
        Catherine braced herself, she wanted nothing more than to go upstairs, and judging by the look on her mother's face she was about to be presented to yet another suitor. Well, there was nothing for it; she was already in the room. It would be too obvious if she backed out. Catherine turned toward the gentleman to her right, who had been somewhat obstructed by the door when she came through. She automatically extended her hand while fixing a pleasant, but distant, smile on her face, a smile that froze even as heat suffused her body at the touch of his hand and sound of that voice.
        "I had the pleasure of being introduced to your daughter at the Cabot's ball, although she may not remember me specifically." Merrick dutifully bent over Catherine's hand and addressed her, "If I recall, you were quite a popular dance partner, and probably met many people that evening. I, unfortunately, did not get to share that particular pleasure." Merrick maneuvered so his back was to the other ladies. Only Catherine could see the sardonic twist to his lips as he again allowed them to not only touch, but also linger over her hand. And if her senses weren't already out of control, they certainly were when she felt the tip of his tongue.
        Something compelled him to continue. "I would be grateful for any assistance you would be able to give me, but I'm afraid time is of the essence." Merrick still had no intention of showing her the complete pamphlet, and he was certain she would not be able to read Greek, but it would ensure he spent some time with her. He already felt the current between them.
       Catherine tried to regain some composure as he rose, thankfully blocking her heated face from her aunt and mother's views. The man had the audacity to wink at her! Of course neither her mother nor her aunt saw that. And what on earth was he babbling about her helping with? She turned toward her mother in part for an answer, but more to give her senses time to quiet.

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