Cougar Bounty - eBook

Cougar Bounty - eBook
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In Cougar Awakening, Jana found her cougar groove; and the action continues in Cougar Bounty. But all is not fun and frolic with younger men; a family crisis raises its ugly head, and Jana must face an ending-and new beginning. International business dealings and sexy trans-Atlantic flights are balanced against personal tragedy. And will friend Cheryl become a member of the cougar club?


"Yes," he glanced at the watch on his muscled forearm, "we have exactly eight hours to make that happen." He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

"Young man, you’re moving a little fast don’t you think?"

"Actually, no, I don’t think so. Life is short, and this may be the only time we have together. I don’t want to let this opportunity get away from me."

Jana licked her lips, tasting her impetuous friend, "Are you trying to seduce me?"

"Not yet, but it’s definitely something we can work on after dinner." He smiled taking her hand in his, lifting it to his mouth and kissing her palm, touching it ever so slightly with his tongue.

Jana shuddered; this could be one of the best flights across the pond she’d ever experienced. Gazing at Marshal, she smiled seductively, her non-verbal acquiescence to his plans, whatever they were going to be. Dinner was excellent, for airline food, and Jana was stuffed. "I can’t eat another bite."

"I’m still hungry," Marshal said. "I’m going to see if they have any crackers." He rose and headed toward the galley.

I can’t believe he’s still hungry. I guess he’s a growing boy.

Walking back to his seat Marshal smiled as he showed her two bags of chips. "Anna said she’d be serving a snack in another hour or so, but if I couldn’t wait she’d serve me mine now. I told her these would carry me over until then. Do you want some?"

"No, I’m fine. Where do you put all that food? Do you have hollow legs or something?"

"No," his eyes twinkled, "nothing hollow on this frame anywhere," he smiled suggestively.

"Listen you need to stop that. We’re on a plane, over the ocean. Your seat cushion also serves as a flotation device-remember?"

"Your point is," he whispered.

"Marshal, nothing is going to happen here. We’re on an airplane for God’s sake."

"True, but have you never heard of the mile high club?"

"I’ve heard of it," her eyes narrowed, "but I thought they were lying. I thought all those stores were exaggerations." She waved her hand, "I can’t believe we’re discussing this." The overhead lights were dimmed for those passengers who wanted to sleep.

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