Play It Again Sam - eBook

Play It Again Sam - eBook
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Susan Masters worked her way out of a bad marriage and up the company ladder. But now she was stalled, both at the company, and with trying to juggle two men in her life. Can she really handle a third man, or is this the one was she meant for? A sexy interlude in a cabana takes her to a new level of sensuous exploration, but leaves her with a little problem. Can a woman really have it all?


         It didn’t look too bad. The top was thankfully more than a string and the tie at the neck and the back were comfortable. The workouts at the gym had paid off as she had no flab on her back or around her middle. The royal blue material highlighted with silver thread was seductive in its elegance. The bottom – that was another story; the sides tied high on her hips and if she hadn’t kept her pussy shaved, her pubic hairs would have stuck out all over. Her stretch marks did show, but with her soft tan and the fact her stomach was as flat as it was ever going to get without surgery, it too didn’t look bad. She turned left to right in the mirror, looking at her backside with the small thong string up the crack of her butt, and decided she looked fine. Susan released her golden brunette hair from the barrette and let if fall softly over her shoulders. She looked soft and approachable. I guess I’m ready. She grabbed the soft cotton robe the spa provided and walked out to the cabana, the robe over her arm. She wasn’t surprised to see Sam already reclining in one of the deck chairs. He opened his eyes as she approached and gave a soft wolf’s whistle.
          "Stop, that’s not necessary," she blushed.
          "I’m glad you decided on the bikini. You’re as beautiful as I imagined. Come and sit with me," he pointed to the chair next to his.
          She placed her robe on the chair taking in the view. Sam could be easily described as dashing and debonair. He was over six feet tall, with dark brown hair slightly gray at the temples. His eyes were an azure with gold specks. She shook her head, trying to shake the image of the two of them making love from her mind. "No, I’ll sit over here."
          Sam reached forward and grabbed her hips, pulling her down next to him. "I want you here." He snuggled her closer, looking into her eyes. "This is perfect."
          "Sam, we need to be realistic here. I don’t want to start anything that we’re both not ready for," she bit her lip, realized it and stopped. "Nor do I want to do anything we can’t take back."
          "Understand." He leaned into her catching her bottom lip with his teeth, slowly moving his tongue around her mouth.
          She sighed softly as she moved closer, her hand on his muscled chest. Susan felt his heart beating rapidly. She looked into his eyes and realized he wanted her. He wanted to make love. Oh my God. I can’t do that. "I need a drink," she whispered as she pulled back.
          The cabana boy, in his black Speedo suit, stepped in and placed a pitcher of margaritas and two glasses with some chips, guacamole and salsa on the table. "Anything else sir," he asked before turning to leave.
          "No, thank you very much; we’d like some privacy please," Sam said and watched as the cabana boy pulled the tent closed.
          Susan tried to move away from Sam’s inviting body. "Sam, I don’t think this is a good idea. I’m your employee and you just promoted me. I’d hate folks to think I got this promotion because I had sex with the boss."
          "I’m not going to tell anyone we’re together." Sam kissed her nose and traced her lips with his tongue. "I want you Susan." He drew her close, circling her in his arms. "I need to make love to you." He devoured her mouth tasting a hint of the wine they’d sampled earlier. "I need to be inside you."
          "Sam, please. Wait!" she gasped as her senses were overwhelmed by his desire.
          "I can’t wait any longer; don’t make me, please." He pleaded again, kissing her deeply, curling her toes. His erection pressed against her leg and he shifted her slightly to force it between her thighs. He reached behind her and untied the strings to the bikini top.
          She sighed softly as her top slipped to the cabana floor. Sam leaned forward and ran his tongue over her nipple, feeling it harden between his lips. He sucked softly, nipping at the engorged bud and driving her deeper into the chair.
          I want him too, but I need to think this through. That feels so good. As she yielded to her own needs, Susan ran her hand along his thigh, touching his manhood through his suit.

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