Nation's Call - eBook

Nation's Call - eBook
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Technical Sergeant Tom Weston was returning to the combat zone, and this time he had TSgt Amy Adams and TSgt Melissa Mathews as part of his team. Could they survive what they’d encounter: the danger of a fire fight on the street, the needs of two women and one man? It’s life and death, lust and love when they answer Nation’s Call.


Melissa walked over, took the paper and pen from his hand and placed them on his foot locker. She stepped closer and ran her delicate hands up his chest, feeling his muscles tighten as she slowly ran her fingers to his nipples taking them between her index fingers and thumbs.

Weston grabbed her hands holding them in place. "TSgt Mathews, this is not going to happen. You two need to get your asses out of here, now."

"Please," Melissa begged, softly kissing his chest; she pulled her hands free and circled them around his neck. "I need to be held, and there is no one else here to do that." Standing on her tiptoes she ran her tongue across his lips, leaning in to kiss him, forcing her tongue into his mouth. She heard him moan as he pulled her fully into the kiss.

Pulling back, he placed his forehead on hers. "This is a mistake. I’m begging you both to leave before we do something we’ll regret."

"No, we can’t do that," Amy responded as she walked up behind him, removing her tank top and watching his stunned expression. "Forget we’re in the military, tonight we’re just two women and a man who want to be intimate with each other. It puts normalcy back into our lives; it’s something we can connect to amid all this. Tonight, let’s leave our rank on the other side of that door."

"How do you figure it’s normal for a man to be with two women?" he asked as Melissa forced him to take a seat. She bent down to remove his boxers revealing a very large, fully erect love tool.

She knelt down taking him into her mouth. "I need this," she whispered. His smell was strong and enticing. Melissa kissed and licked the head of his manhood as she ran her hand up and down his shaft in sync with her lips.

            Amy stepped behind him, running her hands over his strong shoulders, noticing the wings tattooed on his shoulder blades. She traced them with her fingers, and then moved her hands down his chest and back through his hair. She leaned into his back and placed her naked breasts against his neck as she massaged the muscles in his shoulders and chest.

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