Man-Oh-Man - eBook

Man-Oh-Man - eBook
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Gary was at a loss; a meaningful relationship eluded him. He wasn’t sure what - or who - he wanted. Could two strangers he met on a plane provide the answer? One erotic night with new friends Jim and Martin shows Gary what is possible.


"You two have been together a long time but I can’t figure out why you bring someone like me into the equation." Gary began removing his shirt, not giving any thought to his actions. He watched Jim remove his clothes, noting his body was completely free of hair. ‘Manscaping’ was evident in this relationship, but there were differences. He looked over and watched Martin remove his boxers, seeing his private area was trimmed neatly in a natural design which mirrored Gary’s.

"You’ve heard of married couples swapping partners or taking in another man or woman to add spice to their relationship," Martin said.  "We’re doing the same but we prefer men. It’s not much different." Martin turned and took Gary in his arms, kissing him first softly and then with unbridled passion. The kiss was long, Martin’s lips claimed Gary’s, and his tongue searched for and found its own lover, enjoining in a dance of lust in Gary’s mouth. Martin broke the kiss and gently pushed Gary to arm’s length so he could look in his eyes. "I want to be inside you."

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