Hitler's Will - eBook

Hitler's Will - eBook
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1945, Berlin: In the last days of the war SS Major Jürgen Strasser is summoned to the Führerbunker for one last, desperate mission.
Present Day: Antiques dealer, and ex IRA assassin, Patrick Deveraux is caught up in a race to find the answers to a decades-old puzzle. As the body count rises in Berlin, the Obersalzburg, Rothenburg and Hamburg, Patrick enlists the help of a Hamburg Dominatrix and a North Sea fishing boat skipper to find the truth. Their search takes them from the seedy sex clubs of Hamburg's Reeperbahn to Hitler's Eagle's Nest in Bavaria. Who will live, who will die, and who will survive an interrogation in Mistress Hannelore’s dungeon?


Berlin, The Führerbunker
28 April 1945

They were reducing his beloved Berlin to rubble. SS Major Jürgen Strasser huddled beneath the arches of the Brandenburger Tor, the incessant Russian artillery fire pounding the city, shaking the very earth. He glanced up the street to see the once-elegant Unter den Linden filled with wreckage, cars, parts of buildings, smoldering heaps of death and destruction. Here and there a lone figure darted among the ruins seeking shelter from the onslaught.

Madness, it’s over, we’ve lost! And I’ve been sent on a fool’s errand. He was SS, a veteran of six years of brutal fighting, storming through France with Guderian’s Panzers and narrowly slipping through the noose that ensnared von Paulus’s 6th Army at Stalingrad, surviving while those around him died. His latest assignment was cryptic: "Proceed immediately to Berlin. You will be met at the Chancellery and taken to the Führerbunker." These simple, direct, and terse orders had been signed by none other than Otto Skorzney, and Strasser’s duty as a soldier was to follow orders.

He huddled against the stone edifice as a barrage of Russian Katyusha rockets shrieked overhead, lacking in accuracy but fearsome and deadly, wreaking havoc as they landed in the Tiergarten. Their banshee screams sent the Berliners running for cover just as the wail of the Stukas did the Poles in 1939. Stalin’s Organs, retribution for our sins of war. He ran the last hundred meters to the Chancellery. He didn’t know who he was supposed to meet, when, or where; he simply had his orders.
Near the corner of the Chancellery he came upon a Hitler Youth detachment manning a small machine gun position. Cannon fodder, they don’t stand a chance against the Russian tanks that will soon be here.

The Sergeant in command of the position checked his papers and led him into the bombed-out Chancellery. The building mimicked the world around him. Once a seat of power to intimidate foreign officials it was now empty, windows broken, papers strewn about, the former exquisite crystal chandeliers now reduced to twinkling shards of glass to be trod upon by both victor and vanquished.

Inside the building Strasser was taken to a staircase. Following the stairs down to the Butler’s Pantry, he was greeted by two SS guards who opened a steel door and ushered him in. Down another flight of stairs and through the corridors he found himself in the bowels of the bunker, under the Chancellery garden. Again, his papers were checked and he was told to wait in one of the many small cubicles that made up the underground labyrinth.

A middle-aged woman stopped and offered ersatz coffee, short of any real taste or flavor, but warm and drinkable. Her face was gaunt, her eyes hollow, darkened circles of fear and despair. She nervously looked around to see if they were alone. In hushed, low tones she asked, "Herr Major, General Wenck and the XII Army, they are coming to relieve us?"

Wearily Major Strasser shook his head. "I know of no relief, Gnadige Frau."

For the briefest moment her eyes twinkled, a faint smile turned up the corners of her lips, she couldn’t remember when someone last called her ‘Gracious Lady’. Then the hopelessness set in; her shoulders fell, and she sighed. Without meeting his eyes again she turned and left.

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