Friends And Lovers - eBook

Friends And Lovers - eBook
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Kena Bass found the man of her dreams in Dan Madison, and she made sure those dreams came true. When good friend Elana suffers a personal crisis, Kena and Dan come to her rescue, helping her sort out her feelings. Passions and lust are cast away on a houseboat filled with Friends And Lovers.


She turned the knob and let the hot water run, a humid mist filling the room. The tension in her shoulders relaxed with the sounds of the running water. She added a spoonful of vanilla-scented bath crystals and sat on the tub, watching the odd shaped crystals dissolve in the running water. Her mind jumbled with many thoughts; plans for a new avenue to gain credits, her lack of confidence in the male human species, and of course, that set off another round of fantasies starring Dan Madison.. In no time at all, the relaxing effects of the additive joined the misty atmosphere. Kena inhaled a deep, cleansing breath. Fatigue lightened her mood. No longer grumpy, she undressed and squatted down in the water until her body lay submerged just below the surface. Shutting her eyes, she cleared her mind of all the stresses: school, studies, and credits. An image formed behind her closed eyes. Her eyes popped open, and she gasped.
"What is it with this guy? I can’t stop thinking of him." Curious, she let her eyes shut while the fantasy took her to another place. Immediately his naked body took center stage in her dream. His gentle touch on her skin warmed her with his heat. She made love to this total stranger in a hot spring brook surrounded by various vegetation; a true tropical paradise. Slow and sensual strokes on her clit incited a rush of tingles that swept over her nipples, and her breathing escalated. Her heated sex contracted with each rushed dream sequence, the many ways to make love to him. Ways she’d never imagined—well, maybe imagined, but never lived out in such detail. Kena loosed a deep moan. Her hands explored her body. She combed her fingers through the curls between her legs. Her middle finger grazed her slit and then entered her pussy. A small hiss escaped her lips with the rising vibrations inside her. For quite some time, masturbation was the only sex available to her. However, it never felt this good. Her legs opened wider, and her fingers plunged in, sending an urgent, aching need for attention to her nipples. She rolled one of them between her thumb and finger until she was at the edge of her orgasm, and just at the right time, when she couldn’t hold back anymore, she pinched it. Ripples of erotic currents expanded through her body. Her back arched, she let out a scream of gratified release.
Quivering lips begged for the one person she wanted the most. "Dan!" Her body trembled from the powerful waves within her. Once they slowed, Kena opened her eyes. Shaky puffs of breath she couldn’t catch earlier slowed to regular rhythm. A huge smile eased onto her lips. Calgon, couldn’t take me away any better! That was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had in my life. The new experience sent a sense of empowerment through her.
There was one problem with this new sensation: Will I ever feel it with Dan? A man who has no idea I even exist.

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