Cuckhold Cruise - eBook

Cuckhold Cruise - eBook
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The women of the Barnes family run strict Female-Led-Relationship households. Their husbands are chastised sissy maid cuckolds and the women enjoy lives of pampered luxury and their many lovers. This tradition is passed on from generation to generation, each woman learning how to find and marry the man who will become a good provider, sissy maid and cuckold. In Cuckold Cruise, Monique and her daughter Emily go on a unique cruise, along with their lovers Dwight and Aaron and their hapless sissy-cuckold husbands Polly and Mimi. While the women and their lovers enjoy the cruise, Polly and Mimi are put through any number of humiliating situations, by both their Wives/Mistresses and other passengers and crew members. Get ready to set sail on one of the most wicked vacations ever: Cuckold Cruise.


The blast of a ship’s horn momentarily drowned out the commotion and conversation on deck. Emily Barnes stood at the railing with her Mother, Monique, watching the pelicans swoop in and land clumsily on the water or perch on weathered pilings. Beyond, a crowd of well-wishers cheered their ‘Bon Voyage’.

“Isn’t this exciting?” Emily clutched at her wide-brimmed hat as the breeze nearly took it from her head. She removed it and thrust it behind her, “Take this.”

Her husband, Michael, stepped forward, took the hat from her and stepped quietly back in line with the other husbands. It was an odd-looking mix to those who did not grasp the nature of this most special and unique of cruises: The 2013 Cuckold Cruise. The women chatted, sipped Champagne, and enjoyed the view of the people on the dock. The passengers represented a cross-section of the female population: old and young, pretty and plain, rich and working class, super-model-thin and curvy, Rubenesque, and of multiple ethnicities. All were in the company of a man; some of the men were older and some were younger than the woman.

The husbands stood quietly in a line well back from the women and their male paramours. They all wore white slacks and pink t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Cuckold Cruise 2013’. Their eyes were downcast, their hands folded demurely in front of them. Many held hats, bags, sweaters and other items of their wives and their wives’ lovers.

Stewards, male and female, roamed through the crowd offering drinks and appetizers from silver trays. The wives and lovers helped themselves; the cuckold husbands were not allowed such pleasures.

“Mimi,” Emily yelled, “come up here.”

Michael, known as ‘Mimi’, his submissive-cuckold-sissy name, walked to Emily’s side.

“Look,” Emily pointed to the crowd on the dock, “there’s Sara.”

He followed the line of his wife’s perfectly manicured nail to their nineteen-year old daughter who was waving to them from the crowd below.

“Wave to your daughter, Mimi,” Emily ordered.

Michael waved to the young woman in the white short-shorts, halter top, and long red hair in a ponytail. Sara’s forty-year old lover, known as Master Steven to Michael, had his arm around Sara’s trim waist. In her four inch heeled sandals, Sara only came up to Master Steven’s shoulders.

Michael saw the sun glint from Sara’s bracelet. It contained the key to his chastity device, yet another humiliation visited upon the submissive sissy-male-husband-father of the family. ‘Sara can look after your key while we’re on the cruise,’ Emily had told him. ‘We don’t want to take a chance on losing it and besides, why should you be released?’

Michael continued to wave, half-heartedly, as he watched Sara move closer to Steven, and saw the Alpha Male’s hand move down to cup the young woman’s round bottom. Michael was submissive and deferential to all the men who visited the household, and since his wife, daughter, and mother-in-law enjoyed many lovers, he was constantly being reminded of his submissive status.

“Return to your place,” Emily ordered. No one batted an eye when the male in the pink shirt bobbed a quick curtsy to his Mistress-Wife and resumed his place in line with the other husbands. A couple of women did mention Michael’s painted toenails as they walked past, commenting on how cute the pink toenails looked with his gold thong sandals. Many of the other husbands also sported various shades of toenail polish and cute, feminine sandals. Unfortunately for all the husbands, the humiliation, torment, and degradation was only just beginning.

An announcement came over the ship’s PA System: ‘Luggage has now been delivered to all cabins.’

Master Dwight, Emily’s lover, turned and snapped his fingers. “Go!”

Mimi curtsied and followed his father-in-law as both cuckolds left the line of waiting husbands and headed to their respective adjoining cabins to put away the lovers’ personal items. Many of the other husbands were also sent scurrying away to perform similar duties.

Michael stopped at the cabin door and removed the paperwork that had been placed there. Inside the cabin, he put all the paperwork on the desk, except for an envelope addressed to him: ‘Cuckold’. Inside the envelope was a schedule of briefings he must attend. The first one was in forty-five minutes so he hurried to unpack and put away Mistress and Master’s things.

The cabin was well appointed. Mimi had worked extra hours all year to earn money to pay for this cruise and the deluxe upgraded cabin for Mistress and Master. A large bed would accommodate the lovers, while a simple foam mat would be unrolled and placed at the foot of the bed for the cuckold to get his nighttime rest. A glass door opened onto an outside balcony with two chairs and a small table. Michael watched from the balcony as the ship began to move away from the dock. He could well imagine kneeling on this balcony as the lovers relaxed in their chairs; he could even see himself being used as a footstool. He sighed and went back into the cabin to finish unpacking.

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