Torments and Humiliations: Vol 4 - eBook

Torments and Humiliations: Vol 4 - eBook
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The Torments and Humiliations collection continues with Volume 4. This work contains ten vignettes, scenes and short stories including titles such as: Sissy Suzi’s Weekend Challenge, Trained by Mother-in-Law, Priscilla Pink Panties, Sissy Paula’s Special Summer and many more.
A note from the author: I am often jotting down ideas in notebooks, pieces of paper and on my computer. Sometimes they are complete scenes; other times simply ideas or notes. Some find their way, in whole or in part, into my longer published works. Others languish, awaiting their unveiling to the general public. Some are parts of other books that have ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. But I never throw anything away. I have decided to gather a second selection of these and aggregate them into this collection: Torments and Humiliations Vol. 4. The topics range from chastity, cuckolding, cross-dressing, humiliation, Black Masters, devious punishments and humiliations, sissy maids, and other assorted items that will, it is hoped, tease, titillate and torment the submissive male. Enjoy…and perhaps suffer a bit for my amusement. Mistress will be pleased. C. P.Smythe



The older woman pulled up her leather dress to expose a large black strap-on. She smiled at the shock on the kneeling sissy’s face. “What’s the matter, precious? It’s just a big, black cock. Mistress Joanna said it was very much like Master Jamaal’s cock. I know you’ve worshipped that one, haven’t you? Hmmm? Are you a black cock sissy?”

Sissy Fluffy nodded. “Yes, Mistress; this slut is a black cock whore.”

Mistress patted sissy’s blonde wig. “I know you are, baby. You can’t help yourself. White sissy sluts adore black cock. Do you know who I am? What I do?”

Sissy nodded, his eyes locked on the enormous black cock swaying between Mistress’s legs. “You are Mistress Joanna’s Aunt, Mistress Margaret. You train sissies for the family. You turn men, former husbands and boyfriends, into sissy-maids and sluts.”

Mistress Margaret laughed. “Turn men into sissies? Of course not. We love men; they bring us great pleasure with their wonderful cocks.” She tilted her head. “Oh! Did you think you were once a man?” She laughed again. “Darling, you were never a man. Never. You were simply a pitiful carbon life form waiting to be turned into something useful: a sissy.”

The cowering sissy wilted before her eyes as she verbally degraded him. Good. Sissies need to be shamed and humiliated daily. Their self-worth carefully stripped away each day.

Mistress Margaret and her mammoth cock moved closer. As she approached the sissy, he opened his mouth. “Good girl. See a cock approach and open those luscious sissy lips.” She rubbed the cock over sissy’s lips. “Today, we are going to play a game. Do you like to play games?”

“Uh-huh,” sissy nodded as he caressed the cock with his open lips.

“Today’s game is called ‘Suck or Suffer’. It’s going to be loads of fun. Well… At least for me.” She moved her hips, and the huge cock began to sway from side-to-side.

Sissy’s hungry eyes followed the large cock as it moved.  Its size was threatening, but sissy desperately wanted to pleasure it. That’s what good sissies do; they pleasure cocks

Mistress Margaret brought the cock back to sissy’s lips. “Give it a little kiss, slut There, that’s it. Men have needs; their cocks need pleasure.”

Sissy mewed as he gave the head of the big cock delicate, kitten licks and kisses.

“Good girl. Seduce the cock. Men like to see a sissy-slut on her knees worshipping a cock. You may play with your nipples while you suck; Mistress Joanna said you like that.”

Sissy reached up and pulled down the elastic top of his black and white maid’s dress to expose his black, lacy bra. His pink-gloved hands began to caress and pinch his nipples.

“That’s a good sissy,” Mistress Margaret encouraged. “That’s how sissies get their pleasure isn’t it? Hmmm? Playing with their girly nipples and sucking on cocks?” 

Sissy nodded as he continued to maul his nipples and kiss and lick the head of the cock..

Mistress Margaret nodded her satisfaction. “So, today’s game, I want that darling sissy mouth of yours to suck my cock and take it all the way in. Take all ten inches, up to the balls, and the game is over. No choking, no gagging.”

She smiled. “But, if you do choke or gag, that try doesn’t count. I will give you one minute’s rest and then you will try again. You will have ten chances to show me how a sissy worships a big, black cock.”

She laughed at the fear showing in sissy’s eyes. “You look scared, sissy.”

“Mistress, Mistress, oh, please, Mistress. It’s so big; it’s too big.”

“A black cock? Too big? Ha-ha-ha! What a silly thing to say. You really are a silly bubble-headed sissy. There’s no such thing as a black cock too big!”

Sissy looked at the huge black cock looming before him. It’s too big. I’ll never take it all. And she’s going to do it ten times?

“That’s the suck part of the game,” Mistress Margaret continued. “Take it all in, tickle that cute sissy nose with my pussy hairs, and it’s over. You win the game.” She paused, the silence was ominous. “But, if you fail ten times to take my cock all the way in, you lose. And that’s the suffer part of the game.

Sissy heard someone else enter the room and turned to look. It was Mistress Margaret’s daughter, Maureen. She wore a black leather skirt and corset and carried an evil looking whip. She was a big woman, perhaps three hundred pounds and looked very threatening.

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