Torments and Humiliations: Vol 3 - eBook

Torments and Humiliations: Vol 3 - eBook
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The Torments and Humiliations collection continues with Volume 3. This work contains 23 vignettes, scenes and short stories including titles such as: Far East Slave, Mistress Charlene’s Discipline, Sissy in a Cage, Party Slut, Hillbilly Sissy, Cruise Slut and many more.
A note from the author: I am often jotting down ideas in notebooks, pieces of paper and on my computer. Sometimes they are complete scenes; other times simply ideas or notes. Some find their way, in whole or in part, into my longer published works. Others languish, awaiting their unveiling to the general public. Some are parts of other books that have ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. But I never throw anything away. I have decided to gather a second selection of these and aggregate them into this collection: Torments and Humiliations Vol. 3. The topics range from chastity, cuckolding, cross-dressing, humiliation, Black Masters, devious punishments and humiliations, sissy maids, and other assorted items that will, it is hoped, tease, titillate and torment the submissive male. Enjoy…and perhaps suffer a bit for my amusement. Mistress will be pleased. C. P.Smythe


The sissy was pulled from the cage and blinked his eyes at the bright light as the hood was removed from his head. The hood had been on for a week? Two weeks? He didn’t even know how long. He remembered his wife, Joanna, had laughed as she counted a huge stack of bills. She’d watched as he was hooded and put into a crate. For the next several days he was occasionally removed from the crate for a bit of food and water and to go to the bathroom. The hood had remained on, a single hole at his mouth to drink and eat from.

And now he looked up to see an Asian woman pulling on a long leather glove. She wore a white blouse and black leather skirt. Before he could get a closer look, she lashed out with her gloved hand, slapping him.

She was strong for a small woman. The slap knocked him from his kneeling position onto the floor.

“No speaking!” Her voice held an Asian accent, but he couldn’t place it. “No speak.”

He got back to his knees and silently nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“You know kowtow?” Her voice was firm and demanding.

“Uh… No, where am—”

She slapped him again. “No talk.” She smoothed the long leather gloves over her fingers and up her arms.

It was a movement he found very erotic.

“Kowtow,” she continued. “Palms flat on floor. Bow head until it touches floor, then come up, slowly. Do not look at me. Look no one in eye. You slave. Inferior. Kowtow. Now.”

He placed his palms flat on the floor and bowed his head until it touched the floor and then came up slowly, until his head was parallel to the floor. He held the position in silence and waited.

“Ehh.” It was obvious she was not impressed with his efforts. “Kowtow again, not stop. Kowtow while I explain your… Situation.”

She smiled down at the naked male slave. “Your wife, Joanna, she sell you. To my family. We own you.” She placed her high-heeled leather boot so he would see it on each kowtow. “You slave now. Property. Thing.” She laughed. “Toy.”

He shivered as he continued to bow and placed his head to the floor before the toe of the erotic boot. She sold me? Can she do that? For how long? Where am I?

“You serve all: grandmothers, mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, nieces. You crawl, grovel, and kowtow to all. Obey. Serve. Understand?”

He started to speak; he had a flood of questions. Instead, he simply nodded.

“Good. Not all speak English. Like me. You need to learn commands. Understand. Obey. You punished if not.”

He nodded his head. Learn a language? What language? And I’m punished if I don’t?

“Mostly you serve women. White sissy slave status symbol, very desired. Sometimes you serve men too, mostly suck cock. Joanna say you do that for her lovers, yes?”

He continued to kowtow and nodded his answer ‘yes’.

“First thing, my nieces take you to school. How you say… show and tell. You be toilet for schoolgirls. Pisspot. Remember, obey. If not,” she shrugged. “Punished.”

He felt hands grab him from behind and the hood was placed over his head once again.


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