Torments and Humiliations: Vol 2 - eBook

Torments and Humiliations: Vol 2 - eBook
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I am often jotting down ideas in notebooks, pieces of paper and on my computer. Sometimes they are complete scenes; other times simply ideas or notes. Some find their way, in whole or in part, into my longer published works. Others languish, awaiting their unveiling to the general public. Some are parts of other books that have ended up on the cutting room floor as it were. But I never throw anything away. I have decided to gather a second selection of these and aggregate them into this collection: Torments and Humiliations Vol. 2. The topics range from chastity, cuckolding, cross-dressing, humiliation, Black Masters, devious punishments and humiliations, sissy maids, and other assorted items that will, it is hoped, tease, titillate and torment the submissive male.
Enjoy…and perhaps suffer a bit for my amusement. Mistress will be pleased.
C. P.Smythe


Mistress Claire turned from her laptop and gazed at her sissified husband. She crossed one stockinged leg over the other and leaned back in her leather chair. Her long red hair fell seductively over her left shoulder. “You want to be released from your chastity device?”

“Y-yes, please, Mistress,” her husband stammered.

Mistress Claire cocked her head. “Whatever for?”

“To cum, Mistress, to have sex—”

“An erection?” Claire asked, incredulous.

“Yes, please, Mistress.”

Mistress Claire narrowed her eyes. “Lift your dress.” She watched her sissy husband lift his black satin maid’s dress and petticoats to display a garter belt, seamed stockings, and his chastity device. She took a tape measure from her desk drawer and measured his chastity cage. “Two and a half inches. Two and a half inches. How long has it been on? Hmmm?”

The sissy shrugged. “Uh… Three years?”

Mistress Claire slapped the metal chastity device. “Oh, at least that long for this custom-made metal one. And the one before that?”

“Longer than that, Mistress.”

“Yes. And in all that time, have you ever experienced an actual erection?”

Sissy blushed.  “No, Mistress.”

“And what makes you think you could even have an erection. Or ejaculate?”

“I could try, Mistress.” Sissy’s voice had a pleading quality.

Mistress Claire snapped her fingers. “Dress down, stroke your nipples.”

Sissy gently lowered his dress and petticoats, and brought his hands up to stroke his nipples.

“Does my sissy like that? Playing with her girly nipples?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Of course you do, sweetheart. I do love you, darling. I love you as my servant, my maid; I love the way you obey me, serve me, and wait on me hand and foot. That’s your place in this household.”

Sissy sighed and stroked his nipples.

Mistress Claire continued. She enjoyed these interludes when she could further humiliate her husband and drive him deeper into submission. “Do men wear dresses and high heels and makeup?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Of course not. But you do. So what does that make you?”

“A sissy? Your sissy maid?”

“Yes. And…?” 

“A… A faggot?”

Mistress  smiled. “I certainly think so. And…?”

“A girly-boy?

“I should think so.” She allowed a moment of silence, which always made her sissy uneasy. “Well, sissy-faggot-girly-boys do not have erections. What do men have?”

Sissy sighed, as he knew what was coming. “Men have cocks.”

“And what do sissies have?”

“Sissies have clitties.”

"And what do women need?” Her voice hardened. “Keep stroking those nipples, slut!”

“Women need cocks, Mistress.”

“Very well then. You dress like a sissy, you walk like a sissy, you do a sissy’s work all day and you have a sissy clitty. Is there really any need to release that clitty?”

“No, Mistress.” Sissy choked back a sob.

“Sissy, it has been so long; your clitty has been in that cage for years. It probably wouldn’t function at all. Which is what I wanted all along. It’s best you forget about ever getting out of your device. Or having an actual erection!” She laughed. “A sissy with an erection, how absurd.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Sissy only wanted to get away now, to go somewhere, and cry in frustration.

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