Mistress Morgana's Revenge: The 500,000 - eBook

Mistress Morgana's Revenge: The 500,000 - eBook
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Mistress Morgana’s slave-husband has been unfaithful to her. Now he and his lover must suffer the consequences. In a dark dungeon they learn their fate. Morgana desires only one thing and will free the lovers, after she gets her revenge.







Mistress Morgana waited in the darkness. She possessed time and patience. Her plan had been months in preparation of its execution. To wait a few minutes more was nothing. She would enjoy the moment when it came. She put on night vision goggles as he began to wake (or stir). This dungeon was darker than her own, more ominous, well-suited to her purpose. Mistress Zora had been most generous in offering the use of her dungeon. In her high tech goggles, she continued to watch the greenish form. He moaned and stirred, yet she felt no sympathy for him, or his fate. Bastard! All you had to do was be loyal, faithful and devoted. Her husband, slave Robert, and his female lover, would now suffer her wrath. Mistress Morgana watched his eyes flutter open. Of course, in the absolute darkness he saw nothing. She picked up the bottle of perfume, his slut’s perfume, held it in the air and gave it two pumps. Slave Robert turned his head in the direction of the pumping sounds; his eyes searching the darkness. She waited and watched him sniff the air. Even though he was gagged, she could make out the word he mumbled. Darleen. She shook her head in disbelief. Asshole! Your first conscious thought is of your precious Darleen. The woman now began to move beneath her restraints. Mistress Morgana rose and walked slowly around her prey; her high heels clicking on the cold, hard floor. She smiled as her captives looked frantically around the room. There is no help. No salvation. Both the male and female were fully conscious now, their eyes wide with fear. Good. You should be afraid. Her leather-gloved hand reached out to stroke Darleen’s face. The young woman flinched at the sudden contact in the darkness and struggled in her restraints. Mistress Morgana’s laugh made both her captives shiver in fear. She was enjoying this little prologue: their torment and fear. She moved back to slave Robert. Her warm breath in his ear made him shake. “You fucked up,” she whispered. “It’s going to cost you. And your precious Darleen.” She laughed again as he struggled in his restraints and moaned into his gag. She didn’t bother trying to comprehend what he was saying. She focused on her husband’s eyes as her hand reached out to cruelly pinch and twist Darleen’s nipple. The bound woman screamed into her gag. Mistress Morgana smiled at the anguish in her husband’s eyes. You still care for her. Good. That’s going to make this so much better.

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