Black Owned: White Sissy Slut Training Vol 2 - eBook

Black Owned: White Sissy Slut Training Vol 2 - eBook
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Hot Wife Brianna is going on a thirty-day cruise with her black lover Jamaal, paid for by her pathetic sissy cuckold husband. While Brianna and Jamaal enjoy their romantic holiday, poor sissy Pansy is sent to the White Sissy Slut Re-Education Institute. Under the severe tutelage of Black Goddesses, sissy Pansy learns what it means to be a white sissy-slut and is molded into the perfect creature to serve Mistress Brianna and her lovers.
Note: Contains themes of Female Domination, Chastity, Cuckolding, Sissy Sluts, Sissy Maids, Interracial BDSM and Humiliation.
Ms. Constance recommends that if you aren’t into these themes of fetish fiction you look for other reading material.



“Sissy Pansy. You look real sweet baby. You gonna wear that for Brianna’s lovers? Bet they’d like that. Men like it when sissy sluts dress sexy for them.”


Pansy knelt. He wore a sheer black nightie that came only to his belly button and black, thigh-high stockings. Kara and Tanika had dressed him as a tawdry, sexy sissy slut after they’d taken him from his cage that morning.


Now, the beautiful black Domme circled him; her black gloved hand stroking his hair while the other hand held her riding crop. He remembered her. Not her name, but who could forget that black leather tulip skirt that hugged those womanly hips? She wore a black corset that nipped in her waist and accentuated her bosom and hips; black gloves and a sheer, black lace Bolero jacket completed her outfit. She’s so beautiful, so powerful, so sexy. His sissy clitty twitched in its chastity cage. He was required now to always wear a condom over his device  as his sexual drive continually seemed to be in high gear. Are they drugging me?


Goddess Elena laughed. “Say my name and I will take twelve strokes off your beating this morning. Fail, and I will add twelve strokes with my whip; twelve hard strokes.” She reached down and took Pansy’s nipple between her gloved fingers, squeezing and twisting it. “Say— my— name.”




“G-G-G-Goddeth,” she mocked. “Every black woman is a Goddess to you, slut. C’mon, you have to do better than that. Goddess…”


Pansy shook his head in frustration, his shoulders slumped in defeat and resignation, as he leaned forward to kiss Goddess Elena’s black high heels.


“Goddess Elena. I am Goddess Elena. Sissies!” She said in disgust. “You come here as intelligent males, with college degrees and all the rest, and within weeks you can’t even remember names. You better not forget the names of Brianna’s lovers and guests or you’ll find yourself pulled over the lap of a Black Master for a serious spanking.” She glanced over at Kara and Tanika and winked at the young women enjoying Pansy’s humiliation.


“Up whore, over the stool. It’s another day of training and re-education for you, slut. First, a little discipline with my crop and whip and then you can worship my shoes. Then, there’s plenty of laundry for you to do, and plenty of black cocks and asses to worship. Sissy sluts don’t get days off. They serve and obey; twenty-four-seven. I think Brianna will be quite pleased with what we are  creating.”


She lashed out with the crop. “Who am I?”


“Goddeth Ewana.”


She struck again and laughed as sissy pansy howled. “Who am I?”


“Goddeth Ewana.”


When Goddess Elena’s crop attacked Pansy’s helpless and exposed balls, he shrieked.


“Say my name, whore.”


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