The Governor's Special Aide - eBook

The Governor's Special Aide - eBook
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To the outside world Patty is the perfect governor's aide. She looks the part, says the right things. But deep down she is something else entirely. She's submissive to a fault, and the only master she serves is the governor himself. Whatever he needs from her, to bend over and take a spanking, spend the day without underwear or service him only a short wall away from the rest of the staff, she'll gladly give. And she is more than happy to do it. Because underneath it all, she's The Governor's Special Aide.





Most people who look at me have no idea who I am. I look the part of any respectable political aide in the capital. From my pearls to my perfectly styled bob, you'd never be able to tell who I really am just by meeting me. That's the point.

I've played this part my whole life. I have all the accessories to prove it. A bachelor’s degree from a prestigious private college. A resume covered with experience and accommodations. But it’s all smoke and mirrors. Just a mask I wear to cover up the truth. The needy desperate woman deep inside that wants only one thing. To please.

But I don’t want to please just anyone. I only want to please him. The man at the center of my entire world. Him.

Standing before the whole staff my Governor looks the part of the perfect politician. His suit is meticulous, his smile open and non-threatening. Only I know who lurks beneath that tailored suit and cordial smile.

"Thank you everyone for all the hard work you've done. I know it’s been a lot of long hours and I am grateful. I would be nowhere without all of you."

The whole room applauds. He smiles at them while I fight the urge to roll my eyes. Posers. All of them. They don't know the real him. Only I do. If they found out, they’d probably all run away squealing like little children. Those that didn’t faint right away.

I can’t blame them for enjoying his speech. He's a magnificent speaker. He's built his entire career around his talent. Most of the state elected him to office for his speech at the capital after the big hurricane three years ago. If I hadn't already been in love with him that day, I'm sure it would have sunk me too.

"Now, please go and enjoy the party." He waves them towards the office exit and the festive banquet already set up for his announcement.

They all smile back, offering their congratulations. But my body quakes. I know what comes next. I know what he wants. A fine sheen of sweat dots behind my knees and across the back of my neck. I cross my arms over my chest to help disguise my pebbled nipples that are no doubt poking through my shirt.

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