Coming to America – Vampire Chronicles: Book 2 - eBook

Coming to America – Vampire Chronicles: Book 2 - eBook
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As vampire Martin and his bride Carleena begin their new lives he answers questions about his past. In Coming to America, author Ronna Gage details the exploits of vampires Martin and Greg and their journey to America…and new lives in a new land.







The cheerful crowd laughed at her remark.

The others raised their glasses to the couple. “Here’s to Marty and Carleena!” They toasted and a few hollered out. “Hell Yeah! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!”

Together the couple raised their glasses and smiled at the friends and acquaintances, who became regulars in their little realm.

Carleena accepted the toast with a simple, yet humbled, “Thank you.”

Marty enfolded one arm around his wife’s waist. “Yes, thank you.” Marty responded to the warm kindness of the patrons of his club. “Now, have a good night,” Marty instructed, “and behave yourselves, or I’ll make you clean up your own messes,” he warned with a chortle.

Another bout of laughter came from the collection of friends, acquaintances, and newcomers to the club. The group took a drink from their glasses ending the toast.

 Marty observed them for a few moments. Everyone seemed happy, evidenced by the gleeful smiles and boisterous hilarity throughout their separate social cliques. The crowd gradually paired off in couples and danced, giving him and Carleena little thought.

Marty delicately massaged Carleena’s shoulder. “What do you think they’re smiling about?”

“I’m not sure,” she said studying the crowd. An eclectic multitude of vampire wanna-be’s congregated below them, consisting of Mimickers—who actually partake in drinking human blood, the plain curious and inquisitive peoples—not too unlike her when she started coming to the bar a year ago. The whole vampire scene intrigued her back then, except for fewer groups. Offshoots of the Mimickers sprung up, which gave life to the Shiners. These aspiring vampires dressed the part, but did not partake of any blood drinking rituals.

Carleena sniffed the air, sifting through the various colognes and perfumes, and focused on the poignant and delicious aroma of sexual arousal. She watched Marty while he too sampled the air around them. His pupils dilated, and then faded to a dull gray. “Yes, my loving, Marty, I taste it too. To answer your question, I would say they are either looking for great, hot, sex,” she shrugged her shoulders, “or maybe, like they said earlier, they’re hoping to find the great love of their life!” She wrapped her arms around his. “They are looking for the love that doesn’t hurt deep down inside. The love in which most dream about and few find.”

‘What love do you speak of that they seek?”

“The love of a lifetime.” 

 “Ah yes the love of a lifetime,” he whispered. “Are they searching for a special kind of love?”

“Of course they are. They too want a knight in shining armor, a love that lasts for a lifetime, and how does that one song go by the Rolling Stones; ‘I’ll be you’re emotional rescue’.”

“The love of a lifetime,” he whispered under his breath. “When you say it you have a way of really meaning a committed one man one woman. You know the one that lasts?”

“Quite possibly it’s exactly what they pursue in their lonely hearts. Hence, their emotional rescue. No one wants to be alone, have their emotions all tied up and tattered into bits and pieces. I used to think the worst thing to feel in the world was to be in a room with someone but still be alone.”

His hands stopped massaging her shoulders and delicately grasped them. He bent low and whispered in her ear. “Do you think they will find a love like ours?”

Carleena faced him. Her gaze met his. “I’m truly doubtful there is another love like ours.” She answered smiling at him. “You know, I can’t believe my good fortune, because finding you seems to defy all probability.” She whispered, knowing only his enhanced vampiric hearing could pick up her almost silent endearment of love.

“How do you mean?” His hands rested on her hips.

“You are a vampire. Cancer almost took my life. If I had never met you I would have died. Then, Marty and Carleena would never exist.” 

  He wrapped his arms around her. “I love how you always find an opportunity to reflect on our happiness. What amazes me about the whole thing, I refused to look for love in any place I lived, to search it out for any reason other than sex, I did all I could to stay away from it, and then BAM! You walk through my door.”

“Ah, Marty, you know I love to hear you say such nice things.”

“It’s the truth!”

She stroked his throat with her finger nail. “I’ve always been a positive person, and being a vampire changes nothing. Oh, and we can’t forget we are also building a life together, which includes a home, a business, and an everlasting commitment. It will endure the test of time…forever on Earth.”

He hugged her close to his body. “I’ll never forget!” he vowed.


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