Black Owned: Life Sentence - Audio

Black Owned: Life Sentence - Audio
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Todd and Evelyn Grant are white-collar criminals, convicted and sentenced to prison. Yet they are given a second chance by hardened prosecutor Tanika Jones, who offers them a new sentencing “alternative”. Instead of fifteen to twenty in a correctional facility, they are offered a ten-year sentence “working” in the mansion of Dr. Carl Wilkins and his beautiful wife Albany. Under the guidance of strict overseer Miss Paulie and Miss ‘B’, the cook, Todd is turned into sissy-maid Sissi and Evelyn becomes the house slut Candi. Sissi and Candi endure a new life of domestic duties and “personal services” to the household. A plea bargain might not be so sweet when it results in a: BLACK OWNED: Life Sentence.

From the Author:

BLACK OWNED: Life Sentence is the latest of my interracial-themed BDSM works. It’s also the longest to-date and, according to some preview readers, the hottest of the current offerings. However, while this genre is the best-selling of all my fetish works, this content is not for everyone. Really, my darlings, if you are not into this type of fetish content, please shop for something else. Romance Divine, as well as many other publishers, have a lot of fetish genres to choose from, so please do find what you enjoy.
Sissy maids Paulette and Pansy, who readers may recognize from WSB Club and Club Cuckold make a brief appearance here. Paulette and Pansy are real ‘gurls’ who I have chatted with. They’ve sent me pictures and they are the most delightful and divine creatures. No doubt they’d love to create their fiction roles in real life. But Mistress loves ALL her gurls and always answers her fan e-mails. Sometimes I even send little gifts.
Please enjoy: BLACK OWNED: Life Sentence Constance Pennington Smythe 2015


Todd rose on shaking legs, intimidated by the commanding figure before him. Marla was attractive, in her mid-twenties Todd guessed. Her figure was more athletic; he sensed a lean musculature beneath the dark skirted suit and crème-colored silk blouse. The knee high ankle boots revealed defined calves as the expensive leather hugged her legs, and the pointed toes and stiletto heels gave Marla and dangerous and authoritative look. He felt Evelyn take his hand.

“Strip,” Marla commanded.

“I’m sorry,” Evelyn questioned. “What?”

“Strip. Remove—your—clothes.” Marla stood, her arms crossed, looking down on her charges. “Fold them neatly and put them on the table.”

Todd turned and glanced at his attorney, but Laura looked away.

“Her business with you is done,” Tanika said. “She can’t help you. The agreement said you would divest yourself of everything. You will report to Dr. Wilkins in that exact manner—with nothing.” She picked up her cell phone, “Am I to assume you are already in violation of the plea bargain? Shall I call the deputies to escort the both of you to Devonshire?”

“I can’t believe this bullshit,” Evelyn muttered as she removed her jacket.

The slaps came quick and with vicious intent, Marla’s hand leaving blooming red marks on Evelyn’s cheeks and almost knocking the smaller woman down. “No talking,” Marla hissed. “You will remain silent and obedient.”

Tanika’s cold eyes actually showed a bit of joy and warmth as she watched Todd’s reaction to his wife being bitch-slapped. He’ll go down easily. The wife? She’ll take a bit more time, but in the end…

“Everything,” Marla reminded, “I want it all off and placed on the table.” She turned and eyed Gloria, the other paralegal. “Did they bring suitcases?”

Gloria stood quickly, “Yes, Ma’am, in the outer office.”

“Get them,” Marla ordered.

“Yes, Ma’am,” Gloria scurried from the room, her tight pencil skirt and high heels giving her a delightful wiggle that caught Tanika’s eye.

Todd was too busy removing his clothing that he made no notice of Gloria’s immediate response or deferent nature to her paralegal colleague.

Marla spun on her wicked stiletto-heeled boots and walked to the corner, returning with a large brown briefcase and…a thin rattan cane. She glared at Evelyn, now wearing only panties and a bra. She lashed out with the cane, leaving a red welt on Evelyn’s thigh.

“Oww!” Evelyn screamed, “You can’t—”

The cane lashed out again, directly on top of the other strike, the pain multiplying. “Silence,” Marla yelled. Her command, and the cane she brandished, stilled Evelyn. Marla reached out with the cane, tapping Evelyn’s breasts menacingly. “Remove—it—all.”

Evelyn visibly shook as a tear ran down her cheek and she unfastened her bra and slipped out of her panties.

Marla stalked around the naked woman, and smiled when she saw Evelyn flinch when Marla touched Evelyn’s ears. “I won’t tell you again… Everything.”

“You can’t mean—”

The cane struck again; Evelyn shrieked and buckled at her knees. “Please…” With shaking hands she removed her pearl necklace and earrings, placing them on her pile of clothes on the table.

“The rings too,” Marla reminded.

“But this one, it’s my wedding…” Evelyn saw Marla raise the cane and she slipped the rings from her fingers, adding them to the pile of her possessions.


Todd watched it all and complied, adding his watch and ring to his own clothes.


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