Black Owned 2: Society Slaves - Audio

Black Owned 2: Society Slaves - Audio
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The story so far (from Black Owned)…
Executive Craig Desmond found his life turned upside down when his social-climbing and over-sexed wife, Rebecca, invited her black lover, Marcus, into their lives. Shortly thereafter, Rebecca became pregnant with Marcus’ baby and submissive husband, Craig, had been feminized and turned into the nanny! It didn’t take long for Rebecca and Marcus to completely take over the house and lives of Craig’s rich parents. Rebecca turned her socialite mother-in-law, Evelyn, into a much abused maid and family scion, Peter Desmond, became the house butler. With their new money and status, and ready access to the Country Club scene, Rebecca begins planning her next moves.

In Black Owned 2: Society Slaves…
Mistress Rebecca puts her plans for more domination into action by enslaving three society ladies. Cynthia, Anne and Loraine have no idea of their impending downfall and submission to the evil Mistress Rebecca, but soon learn to obey and serve. From country club lunches to being serving maids and party favors for Rebecca and her friends, the society ladies learn what it means to be…BLACK OWNED.

From the Author:

BLACK OWNED 2: Society Slaves is the latest of my interracial-themed BDSM books. While this genre is the best-selling of all my fetish works, this content is not for everyone. Really, my darlings, if you are not into male chastity, forced feminization, cuckolding, female domination, humiliation and interracial content, please shop for something else. Romance Divine, as well as many other publishers, have a plethora of fetish genres to choose from, so please do find what you feel comfortable with.
Please enjoy: BLACK OWNED 2: Society Slaves
Constance Pennington Smythe 2016



Evelyn remained silent; mincing down the hallway and opening the door to usher the ladies into the library. She curtsied to the stunning redhead sitting in the leather chair. “Mistress Rebecca, your guests have arrived.”

Rebecca waved away her maid with the back of her hand. “You are dismissed.”

Evelyn performed yet another curtsy and backed silently from the room.

“It’s so difficult to get good help these days,” Rebecca said in a sing-song voice, “but our dear maid Evelyn is coming along.” Rebecca remained seated, simply waving her hand to  three empty  simple wooden chairs opposite her. “Ladies.”

Not surprisingly, the easily affronted Loraine was the first to speak. “What is this about? Why have you invited us here? And what have you done to Evelyn?”

Rebecca smiled a charming smile and remained silent. Ah, Loraine, I’m going to enjoy making you my bitch. She paused for a moment, allowing an uneasy and awkward silence to occur. “You may, of course, leave. No one is coercing you to stay. But if you leave, you do so at the peril of ruining your family name.” She again extended an open palm to the wooden chairs., “Sit, and all will be explained to you.”

“What do you mean a peril to our family name?” Cynthia demanded.

Rebecca’s calm demeanor and in-charge attitude seemed to fluster her guests. She softened her tone. “Please, be seated. All will be explained to you.”

The three women huffed as they sat down. They weren’t used to such treatment; especially from someone like Rebecca.

“Evelyn is now my maid.” Rebecca paused to let the information sink in. “I am Mistress of the house.”

“Where is Peter?” Anne demanded to know about Evelyn’s husband. “And Craig, where is your husband? Does he know?”

Rebecca chuckled. “So many questions, but I promised you answers. Peter Desmond is the butler. He and Evelyn serve me and my black lover, Marcus.”

“I… I…” Loraine was speechless.

“Craig,” Anne demanded, “where is your husband? Does he know?”

Rebecca picked up her phone and punched in a code. “Darling, bring in the baby.”

The women waited in an uneasy silence before Rebecca broke the silence. “I’d offer you refreshments, but I’m afraid I’m a poor hostess.” A poor hostess for bitches like you. Now, if Marcus had his friends over, I’d have arranged a bevy of sluts on their knees, anxious to gobble black cock.

The door opened and a woman in a pink dress, nude high heels and shoulder length brown hair entered the room. She held a baby and passed it to Rebecca. “Isn’t he precious?” Rebecca held up the interracial baby for her guests to see. “He’s got Marcus’ eyes.”

Her guests gaped in open-mouthed horror.

“You had an affair?” Cynthia asked. “With a black man? And had his child?”

“Yes,” Rebecca handed the baby back to the nanny.

“Craig, your husband,” Cynthia asked, “does he know of all this?”

Rebecca nodded to the nanny. “Ask him yourself.”

“What?” Anne scrunched her eyebrows. “Ask…”

“Oh—my—gawd,” Cynthia stared at the nanny. “It’s Craig.”

“What?” Loraine was growing indignant.

Cynthia nodded at the nanny. “The nanny, it’s Craig.”

“Carol,” the nanny performed a tiny bob curtsy. “My name is Carol now, Ms. Gladdins.”

“Is it time for his nap?” Rebecca asked.

“Yes, Mistress,” Carol bobbed another curtsy to Rebecca.

“Then you are dismissed.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Carol turned to the seated women, “ladies,” and left the room.

“Isn’t she precious?” Rebecca turned her head to watch Carol walk from the library in her heels. “She’s so good with the baby.”

“Let’s cut to the chase ladies.” Rebecca again took charge. “I live here with my black lover, Marcus. Marcus has taken over Craig’s business. Craig is now Carol, my nanny. Don’t you love her breast implants? Marcus does. And I have made your former society friends, Evelyn and Peter, my maid and butler.” She allowed a moment for all that to sink in. “But none of that concerns you.” She narrowed her eyes and smiled. “For you, I have other plans.”

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