Black Owned: Sissy Fluffy's Downfall - Audio

Black Owned: Sissy Fluffy's Downfall - Audio
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Businessman and family man Frank’s life took a wicked turn when the fetish games he played with his wife Ashley reached new levels. Ashley put husband Frank, now sissy Fluffy, in chastity and made him her feminized sissy maid. Mistress Ashley began an affair with Fluffy’s black Alpha Male boss, Master Bill, who soon moved in and took over Fluffy’s family. At work, sissy Fluffy was demoted to Office Slut and his job given to his former assistant, Darlene. From the bedroom to the boardroom, sissy Fluffy served Mistress, Master and former colleagues. It was all part of the carefully choreographed…Sissy Fluffy’s Downfall.

From the Author:

BLACK OWNED: Sissy Fluffy’s Downfall is the latest of my interracial-themed BDSM books. While this genre is the best-selling of all my fetish works, this content is not for everyone. Really, my darlings, if you are not into male chastity, forced feminization, cuckolding, female domination, humiliation and interracial content, please shop for something else. Romance Divine, as well as many other publishers, have a plethora of fetish genres to choose from, so please do find what you feel comfortable with.
Please enjoy: BLACK OWNED: Sissy Fluffy’s Downfall
Constance Pennington Smythe 2016




         Megan and Rachel paraded sissy Fluffy through the mall. The two stunning young women in their tight mini dresses, and platform stilettos garnered lots of attention. And few could help but notice the androgynous creature with them.

Their first stop was a lingerie store to purchase sexy garter belts and stockings. They were waited on by a cute young salesgirl who thought it quite funny that sissy Fluffy was shopping for something that his wife’s lovers would find sexy.

“Can I take a pic of the sissy and text it to my friend?” the salesgirl asked.

“Sure,” Megan said. “Sissy, hold up your new garter belt and stocking set, and smile.”

The next stop was a department store to shop for a girdle. This time they were waited on by an older, middle-age woman with glasses. She peered over the top of her glasses at Fluffy. “Your step-father?”

Megan put on a sad face. “Yes, he’s been a bit confused about who or what he is. It’s got my Mom so upset. But she says if he has to act like this then we should make him look presentable. We thought a girdle would help with his figure.”

The sales woman eyed Fluffy who averted his gaze. “I think we have something to give her a more pleasing shape. It’s rather severe and retro, but worked well for women in the fifties.”

“Gee,” Megan gushed, “that sounds perfect. Maybe some stockings too?”

“Of course, dear.”

“That would be great. Mom wants it to look real feminine so her lovers don’t feel uncomfortable with another male in the house.”

The sales woman turned and smirked at Fluffy. “Hmmm, well, I wouldn’t call her male. Especially when we finish. And I can certainly appreciate your mother needing the attention of men in her life.”

Fluffy’s face turned red with humiliation and embarrassment. He wanted to crawl away and hide.

Megan and Rachel laughed, enjoying the sissified male’s torment.

“Sissy! Thank the woman for helping you to become a better girly-boy,” Megan commanded.

Fluffy curtsied. “Thank you, Mithtweth, for helping me find a girdle and thtockingth.”

The saleslady laughed. “My goodness, it even sounds like a sissy!” She smirked at the creature before her, “Come along dear, let’s make you more girly for your wife and her lover. Ha-ha-ha.”

Afterward, they stopped at a kiosk in the mall, and got two piercings in each of Fluffy’s ears. “We’ll get the nose one done at another place,” Megan said.

At the shoe store, Megan made Fluffy try on several pair of what would be termed fuck-me heels, and ordered him to walk about the store. “No,” she intoned, “walk like you’re supposed to, like a sissy-whore.”

The shoe clerk laughed out loud as Fluffy minced in his tiny sissy steps with his arms held out at forty-five degrees with limp wrists. “Sorry,” she said, “I didn’t mean to—”

“No,” Megan said, “that’s okay, that’s how my Mom and her boyfriend want her to walk around the house. I like the shoes, they’re way cute. How high are those heels?”

The salesgirl shrugged. “Okay, whatever. On those shoes, a size ten, they’re probably almost six and a half inches. Actually, he, I mean she, walks pretty good in ‘em.”

Megan nodded. “Yea, it has to wear high heels all the time at home.”

The shopping continued with short, tight, slut-whore dresses, gloves, long earrings, perfume, and several sets of the longest false eyelashes Fluffy had seen.

“Damn, girl,” Rachel exclaimed. “You’re gonna have to invite me over. I want to see this whore all dressed up.”

“No problem,” Megan laughed. “Maybe I’ll have a party some night and sissy can serve.”


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