Weekend with Friends: The Breaking Cage 2 - eBook

Weekend with Friends: The Breaking Cage 2 - eBook
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In The Breaking Cage, Dominatrix Karin Calloway introduced new friend Joanna Barnes to the delights and conveniences of having a slave-husband. Karin used her infamous Breaking Cage to turn Joanna’s husband Gary into the chastised, feminized, sissy-cuck Donna. Joanna learned the delights of other lovers as sissy Donna learned to serve, obey and endure humiliations and torments.
Now Joanna is going to introduce her friend Simone and her husband Scott to sissy Donna. With Joanna’s lovers Brent and Roger, they all gather for a sexy Weekend with Friends.
Note: Contains themes of chastity, cuckolding, cross dressing, multiple-sex partners, BDSM and humiliation.
Ms. Constance recommends that if you aren’t into these themes of fetish fiction you look for other reading material.





“Do join us, sweetheart,” Joanna pointed casually to the carpet at her feet.

Simone watched as Gary silently descended slowly and gracefully to repose at Joanna’s feet. He didn’t look at either woman.  Obviously embarrassed, he avoided any eye contact.

Joanna smiled at Simone and reached down to tousle Gary’s hair. “He’s such a sweet husband, aren’t you?” she asked in an almost chilling fashion.

Gary knew enough of what was happening to give the correct answer. “Yes, Miss Joanna.” He was being outed to Simone. Joanna was going to expose him as a submissive—and who knew what else. His cheeks began to color with shame. 

Joanna held up one of her legs until her shoe was in front of Gary’s face. The long leg was clad in sheer gray nylon and her foot encased in a stylish pump with a four-inch heel. 

“Gary just loves women’s shoes don’t you?” Joanna teased.

“Yes, Miss Joanna.”

“And their feet?”

“Yes, Miss Joanna. I.. Uh, women’s feet are sexy.” Mistress always demands an answer to a question.

“Gary, honey, I’ve been in these all day. Why don’t you make them feel good?  OK?”

“Yes, Miss Joanna. It would be my pleasure.” Gary was embarrassed to have to make such replies before a guest, but knew there would be punishment later if he did not humiliate and degrade himself.

Joanna flexed her foot, the pointed toe of her stiletto making a dangerous and hypnotic circle in the air. “Gary, I may have stepped in some dog shit at the restaurant, so be a dear and clean the bottoms of my shoes.”

Simone’s eyebrows arched in surprise; she didn’t remember any dog shit at the restaurant. Maybe this is some kind of mind-fuck that Joanna’s working on him? Simone started feeling hot again. Whatever this was, it was damned sexy and erotic. Joanna and Gary, who the fuck knew?

“Gary, honey, while you lick the dirt and shit from the soles of these beautiful high heels, I want you to look at Simone. I want her to see your face and your eyes as you LICK MY SHOES CLEAN!” Joanna seemed to spit out the last words. It gave Simone such start she physically flinched at Joanna’s sudden outburst.

Gary knew he was finished; they were going to do whatever they wanted with him. He meekly got his tongue to work on the bottom of Joanna’s shoe and looked with hopeless eyes at Simone who sat staring at him. The voice in his head calmed him. Women’s feet and shoes are sexy. I love to worship them. A sissy slut loves to worship high heels.

Joanna turned to Simone. “Well, convinced?”

Simone sipped her wine. Her mouth was dry and she needed the additional liquid courage. “I’m definitely surprised; surprised and impressed. I never would have thought Gary was like this.”

Joanna laughed and pulled her shoe away from Gary’s lapping tongue. “Girlfriend, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Joanna looked menacingly down at Gary. “You will crawl over and beg Miss Simone to let you lick her shoes clean.”

Gary simply hung his head. “Yes, Miss Joanna.” He crawled to Simone and knelt before her. “Miss Simone, may I please clean your shoes with my tongue and mouth? It would give me great pleasure to be allowed to perform this service.” A sissy must obey.










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