Just Not Into Me - Audio

Just Not Into Me - Audio
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Case O’Brien wanted nothing more than a relationship, someone to care about – and someone to care about him. Could colleague Rob Nelson be that special someone? Were their Master/slave games only that – games? Or will this turn out to be the real thing? Case needs to find out if Rob is the one, or if he is Just Not Into Me.


Case’s head filled with a vision of Rob standing butt naked showing his taut muscled pecs for the world to see. These thoughts were an everyday experience for him lately.  What in the hell is wrong with me? I shouldn’t have these feelings about a coworker, especially when the guy is straight and has a wife. He tried wiping his expression clear of all emotion when he noticed Rob looking at him again. 

"Carol’s inviting a few people over for barbeque," Rob said, his eyes locked on Case. 

When his gaze met Rob’s, Case tried shielding his inner thoughts. God, I hope he can’t see what I’m thinking by the look in my eyes. I think it’s illegal in this state.

Initially, Case wanted to beg off the barbeque, but the momentary interruption and eye contact had him changing his mind. 

"I’m guessing Carol might want everyone to bring something," Case said, giving his answer that he’d be there without saying it in words.

"Sure, whatever you want to share," Rob answered. His lips split into a sly grin, making Case wonder what his inference meant. "Everyone’s showing up about seven, and we’ll swim later, so don’t forget your trunks." A sparkling light filled his eyes as he paused for several seconds. "But on second thought, we could all swim in our birthday suits." A deep chuckle filled the space between them.

Was he kidding? Case wasn’t sure how to take the expression covering his coworker’s face. It looked like he could be serious; then again, he could be joking. Just the thought of seeing Rob naked brought palpitations to his heart. This would never do. Case knew he had to hide his emotional responses to Rob’s casual remarks before his coworker caught on - and realized just how he actually felt about him.

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