Guilty as Sin: Sin City Series Book 1 - Audio

Guilty as Sin: Sin City Series Book 1 - Audio
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A UFC fighter caught up in the world of organized crime risks his one chance at freedom to save the woman he loves. As a UFC fighter, Sinclair Reed aka Sinister 3, always had a plan. Getting tangled up with the mob, or falling in love with a woman he can’t forget, never factored into it. After a brief affair, bestselling author, Cherie Bouchard, thought she’d seen the last of UFC light middleweight champ “Sinister 3” when they parted ways at the airport. Determined to discover if her feelings are real for Sinclair, or the result of her hopeless romantic imagination, she purchases tickets to his fight when the UFC comes to town. As the lovers re-unite, they discover someone wants him dead, and Sinclair has twenty-four hours to choose between Cherie and freedom. For a smart guy like him, it should be a no-brainer. When it comes to the woman he loves, he’s as guilty as sin.






The pretty smile and finger wave of the woman standing behind the reporter caught Sinclair’s attention. Ignoring the microphone shoved in his face, he peered over the shoulder of the reporter. The chestnut haired beauty caused his heart to stutter. It can’t be… He shouldered his way past the man to stand in front of Cherie.
“Hi.” Cherie Bouchard’s soft voice greeted him.
“Hey yourself,” his voice cracked like a pubescent schoolboy.
“Congratulations,” Cherie offered. “That was an awesome fight.”
A flash of light caused Sinclair to blink. He rounded on the reporter. “Out,” he commanded, lifting his chin at his manager, Saul Stuart.
Saul ushered the protesting man out of the dressing room, and Sinclair returned his attention to Cherie once the door clicked shut after them. “Sorry about that. It’ll probably end up in tomorrow’s paper.”
Cherie shrugged a shoulder and gave a small chuckle. “I could use more publicity.”
I can’t believe it… The woman who had haunted the majority of his waking moments for the past few months stood before him in skinny jeans, knee-high leather boots, and a wrap around sweater thing, with a peach camisole peeking out at the bust-line.
Surprise overrode his good manners. “What are you doing here?”
“Not happy to see me?” she asked, nibbling her lower lip, worry flashing in her eyes.
He clenched his jaw, stifling a groan as her teeth worried the lip he remembered biting in a moment of passion. Drawn to her like a magnet, he stepped toward her. Settling his hands on her shoulders, he bent his head and feathered a kiss across her brow. Her light perfume scent wafted up his nostrils, and his cock hardened.
“Just surprised.” He kept some distance between them, lest she feel the hard-on tenting his shorts.
Her hands came to rest on his elbows, offering a light embrace. Memories of their three day lust-filled encounter in Las Vegas six months ago infiltrated his mind. He wouldn’t be able to conceal his attraction for long at this rate.
“I do live in this town,” she whispered, glancing up into his eyes. “It’s not every day the UFC comes to Winnipeg. I figured I’d get in on the action, so to speak.”
Sinclair snickered at the double entendre, then sucked in a breath at the loud thump of his heart. Until this moment, he hadn’t realized how much he’d missed her. Cherie was one fuck he knew he’d never be able to forget. He closed his eyes and released a breath. If he was honest with himself, the feelings he had for her were way more than “a good fuck”.
Cherie stepped back from him, keeping her eyes on his face. One hand wiggled a VIP badge around her neck. “Back stage passes. I couldn’t resist coming to the fight since it was here and…” Her voice trailed off for a moment. “I wanted to see you again.”
He took the opportunity to walk—not without pain, mind you—to the bench and snatched up a towel, holding it in front of him. The smirk she tried to suppress told him she’d already seen the beast attempting to break free of his shorts.
“I’m glad you did,” he said, never meaning four words more in his life. He hadmissed her, and tried not to think about her. Long distance relationships were difficult enough, and with his training and fight schedule, he didn’t think he could give her what she deserved.
If he were honest, he didn’t believe he deserved the love she could offer, so he’d treated her like every other woman in his life—‘fuck ‘em and leave ‘em’. It ate at him every day. She deserved better, and it was the reason he’d broken his promise to keep in touch with her.
“I’m sorry.” He’d blurted the words before he could stop them. Where the fuck is my unshakable control when I need it? He felt more nervous now than he had while warming up for the fight earlier.
“Sorry for what?” Her eyebrows scrunched in curiosity. “For not calling or keeping in touch like you promised?”
Shot straight to the heart. No response would be sufficient.
“Relax—I’m kidding.” Her smile warmed the cold chill in his heart. “I didn’t really expect you to and I’m not here for an apology.”
“You’re not?” A wary note edged his voice.
“No, I’m not.” Shy now, she tucked a few strands of hair behind one ear. “I…well, I…” One hand rubbed at her brow. “I’m going to sound like an idiot,” she muttered. Steeling herself, she stood straighter and looked him straight in the eye. “I missed you. And I wanted to see if these feelings were real or the wild imagination of my writer’s brain.”

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