Vernal Vexation Star Crossed Series Book 2 - Audio

Vernal Vexation Star Crossed Series Book 2 - Audio
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For three months, Kayla Webber has spent nearly every waking moment with Kaleb Warner, the man who shares her heart. Between training and getting to know each other, she’s had little time for herself. When Kaleb disappears for a few days, she welcomes the respite.
Meditation during the Vernal Equinox brings on a disturbing vision of Kaleb with another woman. Shaken up, Kayla travels home to her guardians for guidance. Before Kaleb returns, she must battle her own Shadow to keep the Darkness from taking what matters most to her Heart.
Sometimes you have to get lost in the dark before you find your way back to the light.



          Kayla Webber's eyes popped open, the wooden beams on the ceiling above her head coming into focus. As the dream faded, her heart pounded in trepidation. The dream had been a pleasant enough memory, yet her heart pounded in fear.

She closed her eyes once again, and conjured up the image of her childhood friend. Kaleb. Love swelled up in her heart, tears forming at the overwhelming sensation.

The more time she spent with Kaleb, long buried memories of the two of them playing together as children kept rising to the surface of her consciousness.

She shifted her focus internally, concentrating on her Heartspace—the energy chakra over her heart. A smile consumed her face, as she experienced a sensation that had become as familiar to her as her own reflection in the mirror—Kaleb’s Love Energy. Prepared to feel the warm glow of their link, Kayla frowned in concern when it didn’t feel as strong as it usually did. She sat up in bed. Reaching out further with her senses, she searched her house for his presence. Reality sunk in, and a small note of panic echoed in her heart. He’s not here.

For three months, they had trained, eaten, and did all but shower and sleep together. Kaleb would return to his home on occasion, to check up on his property, or to meditate alone. However, she'd gotten used to his physical presence or daily chats as well as the energetic presence in her Heartspace. It’s not like they had to account for each other’s whereabouts every single second of each day, yet it wasn’t like him to disappear without telling her where he’d be going or when he’d be back.

Tossing aside the covers, she rolled out of bed and hopped to her feet. She grabbed the pink silk robe from the back of her door and jammed her arms into the sleeves. As she hurried into the kitchen, she tied the sash, wondering if he’d left a note.

Scouring the kitchen counter tops, she scanned the surface for a wayward piece of stationary, then laughed at herself. Hahaha…a note? What am I thinking? They’d gotten quite good at projecting thoughts into each other’s heads. Time for that tactic.

Hey you! She sent a sing-song message out to him. Where are ya?

Silence met her greeting. Perplexed, her brow crinkled, and she tried again. Hellooo?

What’s up? Everything ok?

Taken aback at his gruff, business-like tone, she took a breath to steady the uneasy thumping of her heart. Yeah. Just wondering where you are. Want me to make breakfast for us?


Shock reverberated in her system at his sharp one word answer. Okaayy… Um, are we training later today?

Silence once again. Concerned at his attitude, she said his name. Kaleb?

Not today. I have some things to take care of.

Disappointment sank in her gut as fast as a boulder dropped into the middle of a lake. She attempted to keep the tone in her head light. All right. When will you be back?

A couple of days tops.

Her eyes widened in surprise. Oh.

I gotta go. Have a good rest, Kayla. We’ll train when I get back. Love you.

As if a door slammed inside her head, he vacated her thoughts. Stunned, Kayla plopped into the chair at the island in the middle of the kitchen. The loss of his energetic presence shook her to the core.

"Oh, snap out of it," she chastised, hopping out of the chair. Pacing the length of the room, she shook her limbs to ease the tension coiling in her gut. An independent woman at the age of twenty-five, she’d taken care of herself long before he came along. The intensity of their time together, however, had her missing him. They’d remembered a lot while training together—all their past lives, as well as the emotions and sensations of those times together. Both had recalled playing together as children, however, something about the time continued to elude her. Try as she might, she couldn’t get past the mental block of why she’d thought him only a figment of her imagination, which frustrated her to no end.

Kayla ceased moving, and slapped the countertop. “This is good. A break is good.” Head held high, she glided in regal fashion toward the fridge. “We’ve been training to fight demons almost every day, and there has been a lot to process. A little time apart will be good for us.”


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