Hope Springs Eternalt: Star Crossed Series 4 - eBook

Hope Springs Eternalt: Star Crossed Series 4 - eBook
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Book 4 - Hope Springs Eternal

As spring leaps into full bloom, Kayla and Kaleb welcome the change in season as they celebrate their Love by exploring a more sensual side to their connection, while continuing to balance their Light Warrior training and daily lives.
But when the dead bodies of homeless men are found in the nearby town, the lovers worry they’ve been too caught up in each other to notice Shadow’s growing strength. Determined to investigate the cause of the murders, they seek to uncover Shadow’s plan. What they discover is that for every action, there is indeed an equal and opposite reaction, and their Love has had an impact-one which Shadow seeks to end.
Now more than ever, these Star Crossed lovers need to work together to ensure that where Love is concerned-hope always springs eternal.




They could hear each other’s voices as clear in their minds as if they were speaking out loud.

A noise in the kitchen drew their attention away from each other. “Hey you guys! We need to talk to you.” Marabel Lovelace’s voice called out to them in sing-song fashion. At the sound of Kayla’s former guardian’s voice, they scurried back into the kitchen.

Dawn Winters accompanied her. Kaleb’s former guardian took one look at them, shook her blonde tresses, crossed her arms over her chest, and pinned them with a blue-eyed stare. “Hope we’re not interrupting.” Her wry tone gave Kayla pause.

“Yes, we do.” Marabel’s brown eyes darted between the two of them, her practical tone of voice grating on Kayla’s nerves.

Kayla rolled her eyes. “Calm down. We were just goofing around.”

“Yeah, well—have you two been too busy to notice this?” Marabel thrust a newspaper at them, her brown hair glinting in the morning sunlight streaming in through the kitchen window.

Kaleb took it from her, and they huddled together to read the headline. “Sixth Homeless Man Found Dead,” he read aloud.

Kayla scanned the first paragraph of the article. “Authorities are stumped as to what has caused yet another death in the homeless population. Police haven’t ruled out foul play, even though the Medical Examiner’s preliminary findings suggest natural causes.”

Kaleb glanced up at the two women. “What does this have to do with us?”

Dawn grimaced. “Feel, Kaleb.”

Both Kayla and Kaleb closed their eyes at her grim tone. Clearing their minds, they focused into their Heartspaces to feel the energy behind the deaths.

“Oh my god,” Kayla whispered. She and Kaleb stared at each other wide-eyed.

Marabel raised a brow at them. “Now do you understand?”


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