SID the SQUID Saves Christmas - Audio

SID the SQUID Saves Christmas - Audio
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When a mysterious fog rolls in from the sea, Captain Nick is unable to sail to Tree Island to retrieve the town’s annual Christmas tree. Without the tree, the town of Christmas Bay will not be able to celebrate Christmas. Timmy and Sally, with their friend, Sid the Squid, come up with an idea to save the day. Will the little squid be able to help the town and save Christmas?
SID the SQUID Saves Christmas contains thirteen illustrations and a seven page activity section with puzzles, games and coloring for even more squid fun!
SID the SQUID Saves Christmas is also available as an e-book and audio book. Look for these versions at your favorite on-line retailer.




No ships went in and out of the harbor. A dense fog cloaked the village and the sea. Without the stars to guide him, Captain Nick couldn’t find the way to Tree Island.

Timmy and Sally sat on the pier, listening to the clanging buoy in the distance and munching on the delicious sugar cookies from Mr. Boogle’s Bake Shoppe.

“Will this fog ever go away?” Sally asked.

“I don’t know,” Timmy said, “Mom and Dad said it’s the worst they’ve ever seen.”

A tear ran down Sally’s cheek, “It won’t be Christmas without the tree.”

The children heard a splashing in the water and looked out.

“It’s Sid the Squid!” Timmy laughed and threw a cookie to Sid the Squid.

Sally giggled and threw Sid a cookie of her own.


Sid the Squid held a cookie in each tentacle and used two more tentacles to wave at Timmy and Sally.

Timmy and Sally waved back, “Hi, Sid!”

Sid’s body flashed between white and red and made the children laugh.

“Mr. Bixby, my science teacher says that’s the way they talk,” Timmy said, “by changin’ color.”

Timmy looked at Sally, “Maybe Sid knows the way to Tree Island. He could guide Captain Nick there. Sid,” he waved at Sid the Squid, “do you know the way to Tree Island?”

Sid bobbed in the water as he flashed red and white and pointed two tentacles back into the foggy night.


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