Happy Ever After! - Audio

Happy Ever After! - Audio
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Sara Tyndall was running from the breakup with her fiancé Martin and unknowingly straight into the arms of…his brother…Gordon. Romance blossoms on a trans-Atlantic flight and in merry old England. Can an erotic romance author, herself, find a Happy Ever After?




Sara gazed into his eyes, leaned over and placed her lips tentatively on his, deepening the kiss. She used her tongue to pry his mouth open, running it along his bottom lip, as she inched into him circling his tongue with hers. He responded without hesitation, running his hand along her arm pulling her closer. She broke away, stunned by his reaction.

“That was pleasant,” Gordon said in his staid British accent.

“Pleasant?” she screeched if only in a whisper he could hear. “Are you crazy, do you really want your brother’s hand me downs?”

“I do, especially when they look like you. Tell me Ms Sara…” He hesitated for a second.

“Not Ms Sara, just Sara, thank you.”

“Fine, tell me…Sara, do I repulse you?”

“No, you don’t but neither did you brother.” One for Sara.

“Good shot. Was the sex with my brother good?” One for Gordon.

“Gordon, I truly prefer not to discuss my relationship with your brother any further.” She sat back in her seat and considered her next comment, “I once mentioned I’d like to use him to see if a certain sexual technique was even possible for one of my books, but he was appalled. He said he wouldn’t help me write my tawdry novels.” The grin on her face was one of recognition. “It should have sent off warning bells all over the place for me. After all I was a romance author when he met me, it wasn’t like I decided one day to be one.”

“I agree. In my case, I’d most like to be your test dummy, so to speak, for your imaginative efforts in romance. I’m game to try any and all variations you want to experiment with.”

Sara laughed. “Are you a hundred percent British, or is there a mix in there you’re hiding, some sort of mongrel aristocrat?”

“Actually I am of mixed blood. My father was British to the core, but as the spare, as you so eloquently put it, marrying an Irish lass wasn’t the worst thing he could have done. His parents weren’t pleased but they accepted his choice. When his elder brother died unexpectedly in a riding accident, and he because the heir apparent, things changed. My mother was primed and presented to society; they couldn’t throw her out because she’d already produced two sons and a daughter. History was written, or so they say.”

“Was that hard for your family?”

“For me and my sister, no, but for Martin, and believe me I’m not making excuses, he was seen as the spare. I went to the best schools and he was sent into the Army. Due to an injury he relinquished his commission and came home. My father set him up with a small estate and he was expected to do what he was told. Unfortunately that wasn’t Martin. Within a month, he’d sold the estate which was his by right. Took the money and left for America. He hasn’t been home since and has made no contact with my father, at least none that I’m aware of, except through me.”

“That explains a lot of his comments, but I can’t figure out why he agreed to take the trip to Europe with me when he never wanted to return.”

“He was scheduled to come home this year as my mother was ill and he promised her he would come. Unfortunately she passed away a month ago and the reason to return vanished. I’d say you were to be the buffer with the family. I’m also sure he was never intending to marry you, but only use you for his gain. See,” he further explained though he noted the shock on her face; “if my father thought he was truly going to marry, there was a large financial settlement for Martin from my mother’s estate.”

Sara placed her hands over her face. Martin hadn’t loved her but was using her. Boy was I dumb. Her tears flowed silently down her cheek.

“Sara,” Gordon pulled her hands from her face, “please don’t let my brother hurt you further. Martin is Martin. I can’t explain why he does what he does.”

“Thanks. I can’t say I understand him or why he did what he did.” Sara shrugged, “I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and attribute it to the British life style and what he was forced to accept. But you, you’re even more confusing than he was. Why are you even talking to me? You act like you want to spend time with me and be my ‘test dummy’ for my romantic novels; why would you even think that was a possibility?”

“Because you intrigue me, I find you beautiful, well spoken and exciting. I want to spend more time with you. I want to get to know you. What better way than to spend the holiday adventure you’re on with you. Please say yes.” He took both her hands in his, leaning over to softly touch her lips.


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