Fade to Black - eBook

Fade to Black - eBook
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Connecticut housewife and business mogul Joanna Garrett seemingly had it all: a successful career, two beautiful children, attractive looks and an upscale house facing the Long Island Sound. It never occurred to her that she was in a rut. It wasn’t until Blake Harper infused himself into her life that she realized how mundane and trivial her existence had become. Blake helped her understand that life is more than status, and the accumulation of wealth, that love and romance trump all. Before long, Joanna was caught up in a tangled web of lies and deceit that snowball and threaten to destroy everything she labored a lifetime to achieve. Perhaps the most powerful aphrodisiac the world has ever known is the need to desire and to be desired. Will Joanna take the moral high-road and accept the status quo, or give in to temptation and risk it all for a last fleeting chance at passion and romance? Or will her life…Fade to Black?



Joanna enjoyed their discussion at the local Starbucks. She learned much about her new acquaintance, Blake Harper, and during the conversation, she probably revealed too much about her own sordid background. Blake was twenty-four years old, single, lived in town and worked as a computer programmer at Zoommax Technologies in Darien. He was responsible for creating custom Mobile Apps for businesses, providing Web-based Content Management Solutions. Joanna told him about her professional career and her two children. He complimented her on her age, insisting that she looked much too young to parent two teenagers.
There’s an old rule that implies, ‘a woman never reveals her true age’, but fate and genetics had been kind to Joanna and she was proud of her maturation.
“How can a thirty-two year old woman have two teenagers? Did you get married when you were fourteen or something?” Blake asked. He was obviously no stranger to the art of flirtation.
“Try forty-two,” she replied and paused briefly to see if the revelation sent her new friend running for the hills. To her surprise, he reacted more interested than ever.
“Wow, I never would have guessed, you don’t look your age; you’re one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Your husband is a lucky man!”
“Ah… You’re sweet; you probably say that to all the girls.”
“No, scout’s honor. I couldn’t take my eyes off you from the first second I saw you on the check-out line at the market,” he confessed as he looked sternly into her deep cobalt-blue eyes.
His unwavering gaze caused her to turn red as her heart began to melt. Besides the occasional ogles, compliments from young handsome men were few and far between these days. ‘Beggars can’t be choosers’, and she was willing to take any adulation that she could get.
“At the market? You mean ‘Cougars R US’?”
“Your words, not mine,” he said as they both broke out in laughter.
Losing track of the day, the two chatted for several more hours. The time flew by. Blake listened attentively as Joanna rambled on about her life and career. Her young companion was easy to communicate with as well as a good listener. Staring down at her watch, she finally insisted that it was time to go. To her amazement, her companion didn’t protest.
“Can I see you again?” he asked as he threw a couple of dollars on the table. They both got up simultaneously and headed for the front entrance.
“I don’t know. I don’t think it’s such a good idea, being that I have a family and all.”
“Oh. Are you sure? I promise I won’t bite,” Blake replied with a devilish grin.
“A little nibble now and then never killed anyone,” she said teasingly, returning the banter.
“Here, let me give you my cell number in case you change your mind. Call me anytime,” he said. Taking a pen from his breast pocket, Blake reached for Joanna’s hand, opened her palm and scribbled down some digits. She accepted the endowment with mixed emotions. The very temptation of having his number inscribed on her hand with indelible ink could wreck her marriage and jeopardize her career, but at the end of the day, she was tired of playing it safe.

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