Silk Stocking Serial Killer - Audio

Silk Stocking Serial Killer - Audio
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New Orleans detective Angie Fallini was going on an undercover assignment that could only be her sexy fantasy come to life. She and luscious law-enforcement colleague Mandy Macquire were to pose as lovers at a local club. Danger was everywhere, with a serial killer on the loose, and the passion and heat between Angie and Mandy.


Her thoughts were jolted back to the present when she heard the captain continue with his explanation. “The bar catering to the lesbian population is located close to where the homicides occurred just off Bourbon Street. It looks as if someone out there has it out to get the lesbian population and what we’re going to need is a couple of female detectives to work undercover in the bar for a few months to see if they can gather any information about the women killed and if all the killings are connected in some way.”

“Who do you think is responsible for the murders? Any suspects or leads?”  One of the men called out from the back.

The captain shook his head with a look of irritation covering his face. “If I knew, we wouldn’t have to send undercover cops out to investigate. We do know that the media gave a name to the killings and the killer. They’re calling it Silk Stocking Serial Killer. If some of you aren’t aware of how the victims are killed, the name explains it. Whoever’s doing the killings, use silk stockings to strangle their victims.”

A buzz of voices filled the room over the captain’s report. Angie figured she knew the club’s location, but she wanted to be sure and waited until the captain confirmed it.

“The bar is on Eighth Street and is called Silk Stocking. We’ll need two female officers to work the bar and pretend they are a couple. Since we’re shorthanded with Jamie and Carol out on sick leave, this leaves Angie and Mandy as our only officers to work undercover at the Silk Stocking.”

“Hold on a minute, Captain, why me and Mandy? Couldn’t we put officers outside the club in unmarked cars to watch the coming and going of all the customers?” Angie had to make the protest to keep her secret of how she felt toward the female population, but all the while she savored the thought of spending time with Mandy. Even a hint that she had a preference for her own sex could do damage to her career as a detective in the precinct.

“Yeah, we could do that, but placing two females into the thick of things would give us more of an advantage. I’m sure you and Mandy can pretend a love interest with one another while in the club. Is that asking too much to catch a killer running the streets?”

Angie was silent for several long seconds. She decided not to appear too eager to accept the assignment, and when she glanced up she saw that all eyes were focused on her and Mandy. She cleared her throat because a lump of excitement at the thought had formed stopping her from speaking. Eventually, she found her voice. “With you putting it that way, I suppose I could do it, but you’ll have to ask Mandy whether she’s in or out.”

“How do you feel about it, Mandy?” he turned his attention to the other woman.

“Like you said, if it catches a killer, I’ll do my part,” she spoke in the husky voice Angie loved to hear.

“It’s settled then, next Friday report to the Silk Stocking instead of your evening shift. You can check in if you see anyone suspicions or find out anything of importance.”

Angie nodded and leaned back as the captain started explaining the daily assignments to the roomful of police officers. She tried to hide how she really felt about the new assignment the captain had outlined for her and Mandy, but elation continued to fill her over the thought of spending the extra time with Mandy in an intimate setting. She’d wanted this all along and now it fell in her lap without lifting a finger.


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