A Wicked Desire (Desire Series 5) - Audio

A Wicked Desire (Desire Series 5) - Audio
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Wade Adams wanted to correct his mistake of twenty-five years ago, letting the love of his life slip away. He was back and Jaylynn looked as beautiful to him as ever. But she changed; she took control of her life, joined a BDSM group and became a Domme. Could she fall in love again? Would he submit to…Her? For both, a love long past now became…A Wicked Desire.



“Hello, Jaylynn. It’s been awhile.”

“Wade Adams, I almost didn’t recognize you. The beard looks good on you, I like it. So what brings you back to Dalton? I hope the last twenty-five years have been good to you.”

He sighed, “The years have been a little rough, Jaylynn. What about you? Are you married still? The last time I saw you, you were pregnant. Did you have more children?”

“No,” she bit her lower lip and returned her gaze to the lake, “I’m no longer married and I lost the baby. We…couldn’t have any more children. What about you, did you ever find that special someone? Kids?”

“No children. Married for a while, but it didn’t take; after five years we parted ways.” He paused, “She just wasn’t you Jaylynn.”

“Oh… Sorry. Do you live here or somewhere else now? I’ve moved back into my mother’s place. Before that I was in Oregon and before that California. I prefer living in Dalton, where I belong.”

“My ex-wife is from Seattle, I’m still living there because I have my main office there. I’ve thought often of coming back to Dalton to see if you still lived here, but I didn’t want to mess up your life. How long were you married?”

“Close to twenty-three years.”

He nodded, “Long time. Want to tell me what happened?”

“No, I really don’t want to talk about it now, maybe another time if you’re going to be in town a while.”

 “I am only here for a few days, then I need to head back to Seattle. Could we maybe do dinner? Catch up a bit? I’m staying at the Martin Hotel about a mile from here. I could pick you up around seven if that is okay with you.”

She considered. Just when she thought she’d found some stability in her life, in walks her first love. Should I? “Seven would be perfect. I-I really need to go, today is my only day off and I have tons to do.”

“I’m glad I ran into you Jaylynn, you’re as beautiful as I remembered.”

A flush warmed her cheeks. “Thank you, Wade. See you tonight.”

Jaylynn walked toward her car with an extra spring in her step. As she put her key into the lock she glanced back and found Wade watching her. She couldn’t wait to see him tonight. She hoped her hairdresser Max could squeeze her in. She wanted to look her best for dinner.

The afternoon passed quickly, she changed into the little black dress that she bought after getting her hair and nails done. It was shorter than she was used to wearing, but she had to admit it made her look younger than fifty. It fit snug against her breasts and her back remained bare down to her waist. She couldn’t remember owning something so daring before. She turned to catch her reflection in the mirror, Not bad.



Wade stepped into the shower and let the hot water run down his aching body. He couldn’t believe his luck seeing Jaylynn on his lunch break. He had picked up the phone several times over the last few months, but on the first ring always hung up.  His dick throbbed as he began to lather it with soap. He didn’t know seeing her today would get him so worked up. He could still envision her wearing that bathing suit which showed off her ample breasts and thighs. He ached to run his tongue over those beautiful curves and touch her sweet spot with his fingers. He placed both hands around his cock, and closed his eyes. He could see Jaylynn in the shower with him, wet and soapy.

She wasn’t anything like his ex-wife or the women he had dated. Most of his dates just turned into a quick fuck to get relief. He had to have her tonight one last time, maybe then he could move on to another relationship. Who am I kidding? I want Jaylynn more than my next breath. There would never be anyone else to make him whole. His fist closed around his cock and he began to stroke it gently, and then with more aggression. It only took a few minutes for his seed to erupt over his hand. Two more hours until he could see her again and he couldn’t wait.


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