Vampires of the Sun - Audio

Vampires of the Sun - Audio
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Sebastian Desiderio went to the new world as a Spanish explorer seeking new life. He found eternal life at the hands of his maker, the beautiful Miakoda. Sebastian would wander the world of the night finding and losing loved ones until his fateful meeting with the witch who changed his world…again…forever. He would become a Vampire of the Sun. (Second Edition Originally published by: Whispers Publishing September 2007)






The Coronado expedition explored the vast amount of land in what is now known as the Western United States. It was only after the group had given up searching for the mythical Seven Golden Cities of Cibola that they came upon a large area of village dwellers, which the Spaniards later named the Pueblo Indians.

One night while in the encampment, Sebastian encountered an Anasazi, or ancient one, while on duty walking the perimeter. Almost immediately, he felt a fear unlike any he had experienced in his thirty years. He was hypnotized by the old man’s soulless eyes and at once and fell into a deep stupor.

The Anasazi moved toward him swiftly, and suddenly time seemed to slow as Sebastian felt his body slowly crumble to the hard, rocky ground.

Completely paralyzed, except for his eyes, he could only watch in horror as this hechicero, or witchdoctor, began to chant over him. Almost instantly the night turned frigid. The extreme cold began to seep through Sebastian’s clothing and into his bones. He lay on the dusty basin floor, helpless and shivering as the Anasazi leaned over him, his eyes glassy as he blew smoke from his fetid breath into Sebastian’s face.

Powerless, he stared as the ancient one began to convulse and spittle formed around the corners of his cracked and parched mouth. It was only then that Sebastian noticed that a large group of villagers had surrounded them and they, too, began to chant incomprehensibly.

Silently, Sebastian prayed someone from the expedition would hear the maniacal noise and come to his rescue, but he somehow knew they wouldn’t, or couldn’t. They were probably under the same spell he was. Sebastian was trapped and felt the darkness enveloping him.

Suddenly, the Anasazi stepped back and moved into the shadows. Sebastian felt his heart rate begin to slow, and he thought the worst was over, only to see a beautiful young woman striding over to his prone body. His gaze fell upon the scantily clad figure, with long black hair cascading down over her shoulders. Their eyes met and he was at once both terrified and filled with an indescribable desire at the sight of her exceptional green eyes that glowed with a light from somewhere deep within. It was at that very moment he felt his heart begin to thud in his chest once again. This time it began to race.

The young woman looked down at Sebastian and smiled, her teeth white and gleaming in the moonlight. “You have been chosen,” she said in perfect Spanish.

Noticing a subtle change in the air, Sebastian struggled on the hard ground, trying to say something, his mind screaming in fear and confusion. His lips were closed firmly and he was unable to move them.

“You will not speak now. It is time for you to create and be created.” The woman closed her eyes as if in meditation. She tilted her head back and opened her mouth, showing sharp incisors. She moaned loudly and looked back down at Sebastian, slowly licking her lips. Her gaze was that of a predator, ready to strike.

Beyond terror, Sebastian’s eyes darted around to all of the villagers who were continuing to chant in some sort of altered state. No one looked directly at him. Please, Mother of God, help me!

His mind was clear, yet he was trapped in a body that could not move or speak.

All at once, the young woman screamed out, and at her voice, the villagers all began to make a horrifying keening sound. With one sweep of her hand, she commanded quiet. There was a steady hum in the night air as her attention focused once again on Sebastian.

“I am called Miakoda. It means power of the moon, and you are Sebastian Desiderio.” She paused. “I have been waiting for you all my life. It has been written in the ancient text that you would come.”

Sebastian felt his stomach clench at the words. He had no idea how this young woman knew his name; nor how she knew he would come not only to this country, but to this particular village.

Ignoring the obvious fear in his eyes, Miakoda turned and nodded toward her people. “It is time,” she whispered, and began to chant. Her arms lifted toward the sky as her voice began to tremble. She stopped and looked into his face as she came forward, and waved her hands across his head, stomach and groin area. She leaned down and breathed into his ear, slowly licking and sucking the lobe. “Be at peace.”


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