Jack the Bodice Ripper - Audio

Jack the Bodice Ripper - Audio
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She ran. Through twisting London streets and back alleys. Ran for her life. Ran from him. Escape was hopeless. This night she would be his. He would take her for his own. Tonight she belonged to…Jack the Bodice Ripper.





Ana’s heel caught on the rough cobblestone as she raced down the alley. She fought for breath. Her chest constricted in her tight corset. Her hair tangled down her back, whipping her face as she ran, disheveling from the careful curls she’d pinned them in. Her skirts swished around her feet and threatened to trip her, panic filling her steps. She shivered as the damp London air caressed her cheeks, nose and throat.

The click of another set of footsteps on the stones followed her into the alley, beating out the same pounding rhythm of her heart. Somewhere in the distance the river Thames bubbled away, blocking out the city sounds beyond the narrow corridor.

“There’s no reason to run, Ana.” His thick Berkshire accent filled the alley, reverberating off the stones. She tried to ignore how the sound soothed down her skin, like warm honey, and settled in her stomach with a flutter.

She sped up, racing further down the alley. Her eyes searched for a place to hide or barrier to protect her, anything to stop the man following her so persistently. But the space was vacant besides the brick wall looming before her, preventing her escape. There was no where she’d be able to hide from the man, no protection to be sought. Once he caught her, she’d be his, to do with as he pleased, regardless of her protests. Her stomach somersaulted at the idea, not entirely scared or displeased. But that can’t be true. I couldn’t want to be his captive.

Glancing over her shoulder, she gauged how far he was behind her. The clomp of his footsteps pinpointed his exact location with ease. The fog curled around his silhouette, giving her only the outline of his body, over coat and top hat. His shoulders were broad, his hips lean. His square jaw clenched. His gaze fixed forward, toward his prey. Me.


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