Sugar Daddy Wanted - eBook

Sugar Daddy Wanted - eBook
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After her latest dating disaster, legal clerk Kerry Roberts decides to give up on finding the man of her dreams. In jest, her eldest son suggests she find a Sugar Daddy. Curious about the type of man willing to pay for companionship, she signs on to a web site dedicated to helping women connect with men-of-means. Burned by a woman only after his money, corporate attorney Grayson Nichols doesn’t understand why several of his clients enjoy the price of paying for companionship. To check out the hype of a recommended website, he creates a profile, not imagining he’d come across a woman not fitting the usual profile, and yet expressing her intent to have a man take care of her. Grayson is determined to teach her a lesson—money can’t buy happiness. After their first meeting, Grayson finds himself intrigued by and attracted to Kerry. He switches tactic and proposes an unusual arrangement. Will their unique approach to a relationship work, or will they let old wounds prevent them from finding what money can’t buy? When money can't buy happiness, love will always sweeten the deal.


Kerry headed into the kitchen, her toes wiggling into the plush carpet, then scrunching up at the contrast to the cool tile floor of the kitchen. She busied herself pre-heating the oven and extracting the pizzas from the fridge.

As she put the food in the oven, Duncan came into the room and rummaged around in the fridge. He slammed the door closed with his hip and popped the top on a soda can.

“I’m sorry, Mom.” He took a swig from the can. “Do you need any help?”

Kerry shrugged. “No biggie. It’s only pizza.”

“Yeah, but I can still help, especially after that guy was such a jerk to you.”

Kerry glanced over to see the concerned expression on his face. Smiling, she walked over and wrapped him in a hug. He worried too much for her welfare sometimes. “Don’t worry about it.” She held him at arm’s length and made a face. “All’s well that…ends.”

“There’s got to be someone out there for you,” Duncan encouraged, disengaging from her embrace. He turned toward the cupboard and retrieved three plates.

“I don’t really need a man in my life,” she replied. “I already have two of the best guys a woman could ever have.”


She stuck her tongue out at Duncan’s remark. A stack of bills on the kitchen table caught her eye. Riffling through them, she thought, Ugh. Wouldn’t it be better if they all just blew away?

Duncan set the plates on the table and pointed a finger at her. “What you need is a Sugar Daddy.”

“Excuse me?” Kerry dropped the papers.

“Yeah, someone with money who will take care of you for a change.”

One hand on her hip, she posed with an incredulous expression on her face. “Oh really? And where did this idea come from?”

“In a movie I saw at Kate’s house.”

Kerry shook her head, laughing at the idea. “What movie was that? And did you two even watch it? Are you and Kate being safe?”

“Mom!” Duncan scrunched up his face in disgust. “We’re not having sex. And I wouldn’t tell you if I was anyway.”

“I’d know. I’m your mother. Eyes in the back of my head and all that. Just keeping you honest. Besides, you’re too young. Keep that pecker in your pants a little longer.”

Duncan held his hands up out in front of him. “Don’t ever use the word pecker in my presence again.”

“Would you prefer penis?”

“Mom,” Duncan warned.

“Long john? Wee Willy? Mr. Happy?”

“That’s my name for it!” Cohen shouted from the living room.

“Stay out of this twerp!” Duncan shouted back.

“Don’t yell at your brother,” Kerry admonished.

“I will if you stop talking about sex.” He mock shuddered.

Kerry turned to the oven, bending over to peer inside at the cheese bubbling on top of the crust. “Listen young man—I was your age once, and you’ll be sixteen soon. All I ask is that you consider her feelings and be safe. I am too young to be a grandma.”

“No, you’re a MILF,” Cohen remarked, skipping into the kitchen.

Kerry straightened up, hands on hips, when she heard her younger son’s comment. “Where on earth did you hear that?” she questioned.

“A couple of teenage guys behind us in line at the grocery store said it as you were bagging up the groceries the other day.” Cohen shrugged, oblivious to the meaning of the acronym.

“She’s not a MILF,” Duncan insisted. “That’s gross.”

“What does it mean anyway?” Cohen asked.

“Never mind!” Kerry and Duncan shouted at the same time.

“Fine,” Cohen grumbled, taking a soda from the fridge before slinking back into the living room.

“New topic?” Duncan asked.

“Absolutely,” Kerry agreed. “Now go—I’ll bring the pizza in as soon as it’s ready.”

Duncan exaggerated a sigh of relief, and strode from the kitchen with his can of pop.

Kerry giggled at his retreating form. A MILF. And if I went for one of those kids at the store, it would also make me a cougar, more likely a pedophile. Unable to recall the youths in question, she returned her attention once more to the bills. Weary, she plopped down into a chair and sifted through them.

Sure would be nice not to have to worry so much about making ends meet. Resting her chin in her hands, she pondered Duncan’s suggestion. A Sugar Daddy. Ludicrous.

The timer went off, and she removed the pizza from the oven. While slicing it up, she paused as an idea popped into her brain.

After tonight’s latest dating episode, it might be fun to take a look at one of those dating sites dedicated to finding a Sugar Daddy. She’d never checked out one of those. What kind of man pays for companionship? What sort of woman applies? The only way she’d know is if she set up a profile somewhere. Just for fun, of course.


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