Timing is Everything - Audio

Timing is Everything - Audio
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A few months after her cancer goes into remission, Cassie Marten’s libido awakens with a vengeance. How unfortunate she lusts after the office playboy who also happens to be her project manager at the architecture firm where she is employed. Travis Roy’s reputation as a ladies man is unjustified, yet he refuses to dispel it. Aware of what it costs him, he has kept his attraction to Cassie hidden until it threatens to consume him. Passion ignites between the two of them, and he worries the truth might not catch up to his lie. The two lovers convince themselves their relationship is only about casual sex. But when Cassie is forced to reveal her past medical condition, she learns she’s not the only one keeping a secret.





Goddamn it. Hotter than a summer heat wave, Cassie Marten tugged at the collar of her blouse and fanned her face. Her libido had picked a fine time to return. Six months working with him and she’d managed to feel nothing. Today she’d been hyper-aware of his presence. Ha! Never mind today, the last week had been torture whenever she’d been in his vicinity.

Cassie shuffled to the side to put some distance between them. Does he have to stand so damn close? Nerves made her stomach gurgle. Maybe she should see the doctor.  Another check up couldn’t hurt.

“Are you all right?”

She blinked up at Travis Roy, her project manager. Why did the sound of his deep voice send a tingle straight to her clit? There hadn’t been any feeling there in two years. Picked a hell of a time to come to life. Stuttering a response, she said, “I…I’m fine.”

He placed the back of his hand to her forehead. “You’re face is flushed, and you feel warm. Are you coming down with something?”

Yeah, a severe case of the hots for you. “No. Maybe.” Her temperature spiked, and she moved away from his touch. At this rate, her panties were going to melt right to her body. She inhaled and blew out a slow breath, tucking some hair behind one ear, careful not to disturb the strands of her wig. “Overworked a little. Slave driver,” she joked.

He flashed a smile. “Let me take you for dinner. We’ll celebrate the success of our hard work, and you can relax.”

She gulped. Dinner? How would she make it through a meal with him? She ran a hand over her brow, willing her juices to stop flowing. One damn smile, and that’s all it took. “I don’t think so.”

“Come on Cass,” he cajoled. “It’s Friday night, I’m hungry, and you need to eat.”

Her stomach grumbled in response to the mention of food. Dinner with the office Playboy hadn’t been on the menu this morning.

Cassie released a tired sigh. When she’d first come to work at the design firm she’d known to stay away from him. It hadn’t mattered anyway at the time. Finishing up chemo had robbed her of her sex drive. Plus, she’d been too busy focussing on her new job and health to take notice of him.

Gossip of his sexual exploits ran rampant, rumors he never denied. With short brown, wavy hair, crystal blue eyes, standing at just shy of six feet, he was a God among men. The fact she noticed these things now when it hadn’t been important before, irked her to no end.

Returning her attention to the scale model in front of them, she squinted, studying the tiny structure. The presentation to the company had gone well, but there were a few last minute changes to the design that needed to be made.

Cassie jotted a note in her notebook and snapped it shut. “I’ll change the specs on the computer first thing Monday morning.”

When Travis didn’t respond, she glanced over to see him grinning at her. Her body temperature rose a little higher. At this rate, all her clothes would disintegrate before she left work for the day.

She resisted the urge to fan her face again. “What?” she snapped.

“You’re adorable.”

His compliment floored her, and her mouth dropped open. “Wha…wha… where did that come from?” Her cheeks burned with desire and embarrassment.

A slight color rose in his cheeks, and he looked away. “I know it’s inappropriate timing…”

Flustered, she choked. “Inappropriate timing? Not to mention you’re my boss and the office Romeo. Have you run out of women to chase after?” Shocked by her own bluntness, she clapped a hand over her mouth.

“Tell me what you really think,” he grumbled. He snapped a folder shut and stuffed it into his briefcase, appearing affronted with her assessment of him.

This puzzled her, but she refused to be the bad guy here.

When he grabbed the handle on his briefcase and headed for the door, she latched onto his arm. “Wait! Just hold on.”

Travis stopped in his tracks and stared at her without speaking.

“I’m sorry if I offended you. It’s just…well…the rumors…and you…me…” She gestured between them and then wiped her sweat-slicked brow.


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