Flames of Desire (Desire Series 2) - Audio

Flames of Desire (Desire Series 2) - Audio
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Kyle Woods was all man, a hunky firefighter who had a secret need to submit, if only the right woman would come into his life. When Julie, an older, divorced and curvaceous Nanny brings her young charges to the fire station on a school visit, the spark is ignited and the attraction begins to smolder. What happens next surprises both of them, and fans the Flames of Desire.




He wanted her so bad his hands were shaking. It seemed like forever before the motel key finally worked. Once inside he didn’t waste any time, his hand unbuttoned her blouse, his fingers were icy, but the palm fiery hot. He quickly shed his t-shirt over his head and let it fall to the floor.

Kyle pulled her into a passionate embrace, first kissing her eyes, then the tip of her nose, and finally he brought his lips down on hers. Julie returned the kiss with equal enthusiasm. Placing her hands on his chest, she caressed him with her fingers, making his muscles tense. Her touch aroused him beyond anything he’d ever experienced. He didn’t think he could hold on much longer if she kept it up.

He wanted her out of the rest of her clothing and his hands reached around to lower the zipper on her skirt. It pooled to the floor around her feet. Within minutes she stood naked in front of him. His hands moved magically over her smooth plump breasts. One hand slid down her stomach to the swell of her hips, then lower to her inner thighs, finding her clit. His thumb began rubbing her while one finger slid into the folds of her sex. He heard her moans before covering her mouth with his own.

He gathered her into his arms and carried her to the queen sized bed. Kyle quickly yanked back the burgundy comforter and placed her in the middle. She moved her fingers toward the band of his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, pulling them and his boxer briefs down over his hard firm ass, past his thighs.  Her eyes grew wide when she saw his long, thick cock.

Kyle kicked his jeans and boxer briefs aside and knelt between her legs, a supplicant worshipping at her womanly shrine. “I can’t wait any longer, I want you now.” His hands began a lust-arousing exploration of her soft flesh.

He spread her legs and lowered his head to her stomach. His tongue made a path from her belly button to her pussy, moving to her swollen labia, and circling her clit. His fingers spread her even wider, so his tongue could lightly, but painfully, tease her. He heard her whimpers as her hips lifted toward his face, begging for more.

All Julie could think about was his hands cupping her breasts, the gentle massage sending currents of desire rippling through her. He moved up her body as his lips and tongue caressed the sensitive swollen nipples that she knew would become a dusky pink from her arousal as he alternated between nipples, sucking them deeply in turn.


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