Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Vol I - Audio

Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Vol I - Audio
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Famed Dominatrix Miss Erica Kent is delighted to invite you into Her world to enjoy erotic female domination as She brings the first of Her Vintage Series of e-books and audio books to a new and more sophisticated audience.
Prior to fetish websites, web cams and on-line chats, Miss Erica brought sensual domination to a world-wide audience. Her exclusive mid-west dungeon was one of the first nation-wide, to offer a Cross Dressing Academy and hundreds of clients discovered their “femme side” as their stilettos crossed Miss Erica’s threshold to the panty basket and the make-up table.
Many a naughty boy found his bottom sandwiched between “Auntie” Erica’s lap and the hard side of Her paddle. Unruly slave boys and deserving submissives surrendered to please and often found themselves hooded and bound in intricate bondage to any number of devices by chains, ropes and cuffs. Once restrained, they were subject to Miss Erica’s wonderful assortment of toys designed to tread delicately that fine line between pleasure—and pain.
One of Her services was to offer personal custom-recorded cassette tapes. These arousing dialogues covered a wide array of fetishes and no doubt scores of obedient males found a blissful release at the sound of Miss Erica’s sensual and commanding voice.
Now for the first time, in Her Vintage Series, this legendary Dominatrix is bringing back these teasing dialogues in new formats for your reading and listening pleasures. The original cassette tapes have been transcribed for e-books and re-recorded and re-mastered as audio books.
The first of this series is now available as Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Volume I. This first work contains three dialogues and an excerpt from the soon to be released, Vintage Volume II. In Mistress Savage and slave Tommy, a new slave is introduced to the basics of proper slave etiquette and training. Milking Mistresses finds an unlucky slave about to be put in bondage and milked; used and abused by a bevy of beautiful Mistresses. Mistress Savage and slave Roxanne forces this unlucky slave to be bound, spanked and forced to masturbate. And, in the teaser excerpt, Jennifer’s School Discipline, disobedient schoolboy “Jennifer” endures a much deserved pink panty punishment and spanking.
The e-book version of Female Domination with Miss Erica Kent: Vintage Volume I also contains never released pictures of Miss Erica and some of Her slaves. The audio book of Vintage Volume I (ISBN 978-1-935757-28-3) delivers these sensuous and teasing dialogues direct from the lips of Miss Erica, Herself.



From Mistress Savage and Slave Tommy:

The first thing I want you to do as we speak, and you may put the tape on hold for a moment, but I want you to disrobe and be totally naked. Do you understand that? You will now stop the tape and disrobe. Start it again when you are totally naked. All slaves should be naked. Then you will present yourself to Me, and we are going to work on some basic slave etiquette for your learning. you have…oh…what do I want to say…limited capacities. And really a slave should not stress their limited little mind with decisions; that’s what the Mistress is here for.

You should be naked at this point slave Tommy and I want you to present yourself to Me. Let Mistress see forward, very fine; now turn around and let Me look at you from behind, slave Tommy. That’s very good. Well…you are kind of a pitiful looking thing, but there again, most slaves are. However, I want you to work on your body. you should be pleasing to your Mistress.

Stand up straight, spread out your legs, hold out your pitiful little slave-cock to Me and let Me look at it. Stretch it out, pitiful little thing that it is; grab your balls up and let Mistress see them. Hold’em up!

I want you to get some items now slave Tommy. I want something to restrain your cock, and your cock and balls, whether it be a string, a cock ring, a rubber band, a shoe lace, etc. On your next correspondence to Mistress you can let Her know what it is you are using, or better yet send a picture or two with your next request. The other things I want you to have are some oil or lotion, because I am going to allow you to pleasure yourself today as a good slave. I am assuming of course that you are going to be a good slave today for Me; aren’t you, slave Tommy? Yes!

I want you down on your knees; you can let go of your little slave cock. I want you down on your knees; I want your legs spread out; I want you on all fours. Turn around, spread the cheeks of the butt. Let Me take a look. Ahh, we have a nice little asshole. I see by your correspondence that you have, in fact, not taken it in the ass. Is that correct? I don’t believe that you have been penetrated in the ass; have you ever had a strap-on? Has a Mistress penetrated you or have you just used dildos on yourself? I do enjoy seeing that. So you will let Mistress know about the strap-on ass penetration the next time as well.

Here are the other things I want you to have: if you have a dildo of any kind, and you do enjoy adult toys and feel like you put on a good show for Mistress, then I want to see that. Perhaps in your next letter to Mistress you can explain that and tell Me about it. Or even let Me hear you doing it. That would be fun!

I do not care who you have seen in the past. You have not seen a true Dominant such as I am. I can tell by your letter that you are a submissive. I know that you are a little sissy slave and there is no shame in that. There is absolutely no shame in that at all. I think where the strength lays, slave Tommy, is that you realize what your calling is in life. Should we ever spend time together and you come in to see Mistress, in person, then we would be able to discover that further.
We are going to continue our training with learning some basic slave etiquette. I assume that you have stopped the tape and gone and gotten the items I wanted you to get. If you have any type of nipple clamps, Mistress does like to have those. You did not address that in your letter as to if you enjoy the nipple clamps or don’t…I do enjoy that.

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