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Cougar Tales Vol I - Print
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The first time in print, Cougar Tales Vol. I combines the first two of J.A. Rawls sexy cougar novels.

Jana didn’t know if she was happy or not, never gave it much thought anymore. She’d moved on after Craig, and now there was work, the company, her company. She was successful, at work, in business; but her personal life? As a woman...?
She begins her odyssey of exploration in Cougar Awakening, finding a sexual identity she thought she’d lost. She learns what it means to be both a powerful woman executive, and a woman on the prowl, a Cougar.
In Cougar Awakening, Jana found her cougar groove; and the action continues in Cougar Bounty. But all is not fun and frolic with younger men; a family crisis raises its ugly head, and Jana must face an ending…and new beginning. International business dealings and sexy trans-Atlantic flights are balanced against personal tragedy. And will friend Cheryl become a member of the cougar club?


From Cougar Awakening:

Jana entered the office and stopped at Charlie’s door. “Did you get my meeting set up with Mike?”

“Of course, isn’t that what you wanted me to do?”    

“Charlie, did your mother ever tell you not to answer a question with a question?”

“No, why?”

“Charlie, give me a break, please. I need to talk to you if you have a couple of minutes. Now would be good.”

“Sure, not a problem, do I need to bring anything?” 

“No, I just have a couple of questions from our discussion yesterday.”

Charlie smiled. He knew exactly what she wanted to talk about and he was not going to make it easy for her. 

Jana dropped her purse in her desk drawer, “So, Charlie, how was your evening?”

“It was fine, how about yours?”

“I have to admit some of your comments yesterday would not let me rest, that ‘cougar’ thing for example. What exactly does cougar mean, based on your definition?”

“Boss, you’re out of touch. You really don’t know, do you?”

“Charlie, you’re beginning to frustrate me, and I know you realize that. Believe me if I knew what you meant by the comment I wouldn’t be asking you now. So give, what exactly does it mean in Charlie speak?”

“Boss, it isn’t Charlie speak, it everyone’s definition - except yours. You don’t have anything in your hands do you?” 

Jana raised her hands so he could see they were empty. “Charlie, what gives?” 

“Okay! A cougar is a female who is older, sophisticated, beautiful, and who attracts younger men. That’s the definition of a ‘cougar’.” 

Jana closed her eyes, shook her head and then looked up. “You really don’t believe I fit that definition, do you?” 

“Yes, boss, that’s you! Remember the meeting yesterday?” 

“Of course I remember the meeting yesterday. It was one of the worst meetings I’ve had with our accountants.”

“Well,” Charlie shrugged, “there is that. But think about the way they looked at you when you spoke to them.”

“Yes, I remember. There was not one of them without that ‘deer in the headlight’ look. I couldn’t believe how stupid they appeared. Hell, they couldn’t even put a full sentence together without stumbling over the words. I actually had a problem following their thought processes, assuming they had any.” 

“No boss, beyond the stammering. Those guys are all MBA graduates with CPA credentials. They’re all extremely intelligent, they know their jobs, but they have trouble communicating with you.” 

“You could have fooled me. If the meeting yesterday was the best they have, I need new accountants.”

Charlie sighed, she’s gonna be a tough sell. “Boss those guys are enamored by you. They are flat, tongues out, drooling over you as a woman, a woman of power.” 

Jana’s mouth hit the floor. She couldn’t believe what she was being told. “Charlie what kind of drugs are you on?”

“No drugs, honest, boss you are beautiful. You’re powerful, and those guys recognize it and want to follow you around like puppies.” 

“Charlie, I don’t have pets for a reason and I don’t want my accountants following me around like puppies.” Jana slumped into her chair, thoughts of a Hurricane her only salvation. Isn’t it five o’clock somewhere? “Charlie, I’m having trouble grasping all of this. You need to get back to work and I need to see Mike. You really need to re-think your ‘cougar’ theory and its applicability to me. I truly believe you’re way off base.”

“Boss, I’ll think about it, but I’m telling you I’m right on the mark. These guys want to be more than employees. Try it out at the cocktail party this afternoon and see. If you give even one of them the go ahead, he’ll fall all over himself to make anything you want happen.” 




Mike ran his hands along her hips and down her thighs. He lifted her black dress over her head and laid it on the chair. He gazed at this beautiful woman standing majestic in her high heels, garter belt and stockings, lace panties and matching demi-cup bra. The rush of blood to his penis was painful and he grimaced as he felt his erection grow harder. 

Jana licked her lips, enjoying his reaction and manly attributes. She knew by his physical reaction that he was pleased with what stood before him. He already had her dress off, and that was further than any other man had gotten since Craig.

Mike moved closer, taking her in his arms. His hands couldn’t stay still. They seemed to be everywhere, taking her to that special place and he was going to make sure she enjoyed the trip. “I think I’ve got too many clothes on compared to you.” He removed his jacket and tie, never taking his eyes off her. They leaned into each other for another kiss. She parted her lips as their tongues met. “So what now boss lady?”

“You mean you don’t know what to do now?” Jana grinned and thought about Charlie’s comment, cougar indeed. I have this one in my lair and now all I want to do is play with my food.

He cupped her breast and noted how it made her knees sway. “I know exactly what to do. I just want to take it slow and enjoy every minute we‘re together. If I only get this one time with you Jana, I want it to be memorable. I’d hate to disappoint you.”

“I don’t think that’s possible. I can’t imagine that happening. Believe me this is new for both of us. Are you ready to take it to the next level?”

“Give me a few minutes and I’ll be more than ready,” Mike laughed. They embraced once again, Mike lifting her, taking her to the bed. 

Reluctantly, Jana broke the kiss. “Mike, you realize I’m not twenty?”

“I’m very aware of the woman I’m holding in my arms.”

He nibbled her neck and ran his hands up her side. “I’m not a teenager either, so don’t worry about it.” He felt for the hook to her bra. Mike lifted his head and looked at her, his eyes asking an unspoken question.


Mike lifted his hands in frustration. “Where is it?”

“Where’s what?”

“The hook, where is it? I know there has to be one somewhere?” Mike reached behind her and gently snapped her bra.

She laughed, “It’s in the front, silly.”

“I’ve never unfastened a bra from the front before. This is definitely a first for a lot of things.”
            “You’ve led a sheltered life young man.” She teased and showed him where the hook was. She began to unhook it for him, but Mike pushed her hands away.

“Let me,” he smiled. Oh, please let me.

“If you need any assistance, let me know.” Jana lifted her hands to his face and slowly trailed them down his chest.

From Cougar Bounty:

 “Yes,” he glanced at the watch on his muscled forearm, “we have exactly eight hours to make that happen.” He leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips.

“Young man, you’re moving a little fast don’t you think?”

“Actually, no, I don’t think so. Life is short, and this may be the only time we have together. I don’t want to let this opportunity get away from me.”

Jana licked her lips, tasting her impetuous friend, “Are you trying to seduce me?”

“Not yet, but it’s definitely something we can work on after dinner.” He smiled taking her hand in his, lifting it to his mouth and kissing her palm, touching it ever so slightly with his tongue.

Jana shuddered; this could be one of the best flights across the pond she’d ever experienced. Gazing at Marshal, she smiled seductively, her non-verbal acquiescence to his plans, whatever they were going to be. Dinner was excellent, for airline food, and Jana was stuffed. “I can’t eat another bite.”

“I’m still hungry,” Marshal said. “I’m going to see if they have any crackers.” He rose and headed toward the galley.

I can’t believe he’s still hungry. I guess he’s a growing boy.

Walking back to his seat Marshal smiled as he showed her two bags of chips. “Anna said she’d be serving a snack in another hour or so, but if I couldn’t wait she’d serve me mine now. I told her these would carry me over until then. Do you want some?”

“No, I’m fine. Where do you put all that food? Do you have hollow legs or something?”

“No,” his eyes twinkled, “nothing hollow on this frame anywhere,” he smiled suggestively.

“Listen you need to stop that. We’re on a plane, over the ocean. Your seat cushion also serves as a flotation device—remember?”

“Your point is,” he whispered.

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