Mistress Karin - Audio

Mistress Karin - Audio
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What happens when a man gets his wish to be submissive, when a Woman embraces her Dominant self? For Karin Calloway and her hapless husband, known as her submissive maid Suzette, it becomes an erotic power exchange that gives them both what they desire. Will Suzette be a cuckolded sissy maid? What torments and humiliations will Karin, and friends Trudi the evil German dance instructor, lover Master Brent, and socialite Sheila Remington, visit on poor Suzette?


From Chapter ONE

When Karin came downstairs she found Suzette standing beside the impeccably set dining room table. Breakfast was prepared exactly as Karin had ordered. Suzette pulled out the chair for her Mistress then poured the coffee. When the cup was full, Suzette returned to her submissive position.

Karin picked up the morning paper to peruse the business section while she ate in silence. When she was finished eating, she put two fingers to her lips and Suzette responded with the obligatory cigarette. Her breakfast finished, Karin placed her plate on the floor.

Suzette dropped to her hands and knees, crawled to the plate and licked it clean of the leftovers while her Mistress read her newspaper and smoked. She continued until the tinkling bell prompted her next task, when she arose and cleared the table. She poured her Mistress a last cup of coffee before taking the dirty dishes to the kitchen.

Karin was oblivious to Suzette’s efforts. After all, the creature is only doing what she was trained to do, right?

When Karin entered the kitchen Suzette curtsied to her Mistress who absently nodded. Suzette went to the center of the room and knelt on the hard, cold kitchen tile.

Karin took the blender, filled it with cold water, poured in some oatmeal and pushed the “Stir” switch. She turned to face her kneeling maid while she put another cigarette into her holder. The blender churned while Karin smoked. “I may be bringing someone home tonight. If so, I’ll call and give you instructions.” Casually, she knocked the cigarette ash into the blender. “You have your list of chores for today and I’ll expect them to be complete when I get home.” She tapped more ash into the blender, then bent over and spit, her drool consumed in the whirling vortex.

“I’ve scheduled you an appointment with Trudi, today, at one. Be sure and behave.”

She smoked in silence for a moment and flicked more ash into the blender. Finally she reached over and turned off the appliance, the room lapsing into momentary silence. Blender in one hand, she walked towards Suzette, circling her prey. The only sound in the room was the clicking of her heels. Taking her time, she walked around the kitchen and slowly poured the cold, disgusting porridge on the floor. “I do hope you appreciate that I have taken the time to prepare your breakfast. And I want you to lick up each and every drop. Remember, the cameras will be on, and I, and my secretary, can monitor you on our computers at work.” Karin finished her walk, admiring the slimy trail of gruel on the floor. She dropped the empty blender in the sink and walked to the front door.

Suzette rose to fetch Karin’s coat and briefcase, and found Karin touching up her lipstick at the mirror by the front door.

Karin took the final drag on her cigarette, knocked the ash to the tile floor and placed the holder in a nearby ashtray. She allowed Suzette to help with her coat then pointed a finger towards the floor. Words aren’t required when they are properly trained.
Suzette dropped to her knees to kiss the toes of Mistress’s shoes, paused for a moment, and then licked up the cigarette ash.

Karin laughed. “Well, well, my little bitch, it seems that husbands can be trained. I’ll inspect your work this evening; do a good job.” With that she turned and left.

Suzette knew that the cameras were on and that Mistress’s secretary was monitoring them as Karin drove to the office. Resignedly, she crawled into the kitchen to lick up the mess, her breakfast, left by Mistress Karin.

All in all it had been a typical morning for both of them.

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