Chastity Cuckold Tales: Family Cuckold - eBook

Chastity Cuckold Tales: Family Cuckold - eBook
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Sharon Hoffman enjoyed the good life: a beautiful home, Alex her adoring husband, her devoted maid Lexy, and…a lover. The fact that her husband was the maid and devoted his life to Sharon and her lovers was simply a perk of her Dominant and Cuckoldress lifestyle. Yet Sharon decided it was time to take things to the next level and allowed her sister, Lorraine, to plan the family outing of maid and cuckold, Lexy. Hapless Lexy learns the meanings of true submission and humiliation when he becomes the Family Cuckold. Includes the bonus stories: Lexy’s Glamour Walk and Lexy’s Release.


He poured the coffee and returned the silver coffee pot to the sideboard, slowly backing away and performing the proper curtsy as he stepped back. No one at the table paid attention or noticed, they knew what he would do. He’d been trained to exacting service.

As the happy couple enjoyed their breakfast he knelt beside his wife and extended his arms. In one hand he held a bowl of plain oatmeal, going cold; and in the other he held a glass dildo, eight inches in length and cock-shaped, hand-blown glass.

His wife glanced at the outstretched hands, “You may eat.” She smiled as she watched her submissive jerk himself out of his daydream. Her husband, at five-seven, was an inch shorter than she, and even with his managed diet and an endless array of household tasks and duties still retained a mid-section paunch. She blew him a kiss as he fell back on his haunches and began to scoop the oatmeal onto the precious faux cock…and then lick and suck it off.

Steven Cartright ate a mouthful of his omelet and nodded at the kneeling male. “Your husband cooks a good egg; very tasty.”

“Yes,” Sharon Hoffman buttered a piece of toast. “He cooks a good breakfast, sets a nice table, and cleans up when he’s done, don’t you dear?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Alex Hoffman’s reply was quiet and polite.

Sharon held the bit of toast beyond her husband’s lips. She knew he wouldn’t take it, not without permission. She let it drop to the floor and stepped on it with her high heeled pump. When she lifted her foot away the toast was smashed to the tile floor. “Now you may have it.”
Her husband bent forward and licked up the trampled bread.

“Gawd, the way you tease him,” Steven said.

Sharon reached over and tousled her husband’s brown and graying hair. “But he likes it, he’s happier this way. Aren’t you, baby?”

“Yes, Mistress.” He looked at the couple at the table. Sharon, his wife/Mistress, didn’t look at all like her age, in her late forties. Good genetic stock, a healthy lifestyle and a fastidious beauty regimen still made her a head-turner. Her long blonde hair, flashing green eyes and full-figured, curvy body were man-catchers.

Sharon tugged and straightened the black and white lace choker around Alex’s neck. His weekend breakfast uniform was a dainty black and white creation, all lace and frills, too tight, too short, meant for humiliation and degradation, not a working uniform. “Do you want me to tell Steven to go home?” she teased. “Shall we throw away all your pretty dresses? Are you ready to be the man of the house?”

His tongue licked away the last of the oatmeal on his feeding cock. “Please, no, Mistress. I know that Master Steven makes you happy, and I’m best at being your maid.”

Sharon shrugged her shoulders and blew Steven a kiss, “See, darling, our little slut is happy being who she is, aren’t you Alex? Or Lexy, yes, let’s call you Sexy Lexy, our devoted sissy maid and cock whore.”

Steven nodded, “Okay by me, as long as everyone knows their place. More coffee, slut.”

Lexy poured Master Steven’s coffee and returned to kneeling on the floor. Master Steven didn’t look over ten years younger than Sharon, yet he was. Alex glanced up to see the way Sharon looked at Steven. I can understand why she looks at him that way. Steven was a muscular and strapping six-two, with movie-star good looks, piercing gray eyes and sandy colored hair that Sharon loved to run her fingers through.

“My daughter, Karen, is coming home from college next week.” Sharon sat back in her chair and eyed Lexy, “I think it’s time we informed her of this relationship. She’s old enough to know, and make her own decisions.” A feral smile curled at her lips; Karen had never got along with her step-father. “Then we can all settle in to a more—open—relationship.”

Alex/Lexy winced. He and Sharon had played their escalating dominant/submission games for years, leading to where they were now. With the exception of Sharon’s lovers it had always been a well-kept secret. Sharon was raising the stakes, telling their daughter, his step-daughter, Karen.

Sharon rose and walked to Steven, settling into his lap, unbuttoning his shirt and slipping her hand onto his muscled chest. “I want to entertain my lovers whenever I want, and not worry about leaving out paddles, whips and strap-ons.” She glared at Lexy, “And I want her out of my bedroom, without having to explain to Karen why he’s now sleeping in the small guest room at the end of the hall.”

“Can’t say I disagree,” Steven nibbled on her earlobe and Sharon quivered. “Would be best for all, then our little Lexy-slut can give up all pretense about being the man of the house.”

“Exactly,” Sharon placed a kiss on Steven’s lips. “I’ve already picked out new furniture and a paint scheme for our new maid’s room.” She turned her eyes to the kneeling Lexy, “Your life, my darling husband and maid, is going to change.”

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