Christmas Creep - eBook

Christmas Creep - eBook
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Liz dreaded the oncoming holiday season, which seemed to arrive earlier every year. It was hard to get and stay in the spirit for months-so why do it at all? Could a winter storm and two stranded snow plow drivers help her overcome the Christmas Creep?


Liz stood on her patio watching the large wet snow flakes cover the barren landscape. In her high neck, pale blue flannel nightgown she shivered while mesmerized by the turn the weather had taken. Boy was that weather man off the mark. I need his job; he’s never right. Thankfully she was home snug in her third floor apartment and happy because the snow meant they’d have a White Christmas. She could barely make out the garage that housed her silver BMW, which added mystery to the beauty. The Christmas season was always a double-edged sword for her. Her mind wandered as she enjoyed the solitude and the beauty of the white snowflakes covering everything. The loneliness that suddenly enveloped her was suffocating her spirit; for another year she was alone. Why me, why can’t I find someone to love me? As if on cue, she heard a reply.

"This is your fault, what were you thinking?"

Stunned she looked around, listening intently. I’m losing my mind. As she studied the parking lot, she saw a lone figure with his head under the hood of a small truck, a small snow plow attached to the front. It looked toy-like from where she stood. She watched in awe as the stranger continued to beret the silent machine, kicking the tire as he walked to the back to retrieve yet another tool.

"You piece of crap. Why now?" he muttered.

Not even considering her appearance or the potential consequences, it was Christmas time, good will to men and all that, Liz yelled down to the stranger, "Hey you!"

The young man turned around slowly. He scratched his head in bewilderment, not seeing anyone. He went immediately back to the task at hand.

"Hey, up here." Liz watched him gaze toward the balcony.

"What?" He was awestruck by the beauty of this lone female in her billowing gown; knowing she had to be unaware that the light from her apartment made her gown transparent. He closed his mouth as the initial shock abated.

"Can I be of assistance?" She leaned forward, her breasts pressed provocatively over the top rail.

"Not unless you’re a mechanic." He smiled, a slow smirk covering his face.

"No, sorry," she ran her hand through her short auburn hair, messing it more in her attempt to calm her rapidly beating heart. "I do have a phone if you need to call someone for assistance."

"Well that’s a thought," he muttered again, "you really believe in this day and age I wouldn’t have a cell phone?"

"Actually I figured you did, but it must not be working, or you would have already called for assistance."

"Look lady, I’ve actually tried to reach my partner, but he must be out on a call and out of the service area. I’m just killing time until he calls me back."

"Why don’t you come in out of the cold? I’ll make you a cup of coffee."

"Are you serious?"

"Sure, come up."

She must be a psycho or something inviting a stranger to her apartment. I could be an axe murder for all she knows. What the hell, I’m freezing my ass off out here. Slowly he climbed the stairs and rapped his gloved hand on the door. It immediately opened and with the glow of the kitchen lights behind her, Robert could only gape at the female form within the soft nightgown. He knew he was staring but couldn’t help it. She was gorgeous. He wiped his boots on the rug and entered slowly, removing his gloves. "Robert Evans ma’am," he extended his hand. "Bob."

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