Chastity Cuckold Tales: Cuckold Panty Wall - Audio

Chastity Cuckold Tales: Cuckold Panty Wall - Audio
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Samantha had plans for her husband and soon-to-be chastity cuckold. His would be a special role in their relationship and in Samantha’s lustful exploits. Hapless husband Tedi learns new lessons in denial, dominance and submission as he labors at the Cuckold Panty Wall. (Short story, 14,500 words. While not a Lesbian story, the work does contain some Lesbian themes/scenes).


Chapter ONE

He had to kneel to use his new desk; she’d had it custom-made according to her specifications. My specifications; he specified nothing in their relationship. Her rule was law, her merest wish a dictum whose violation wrought painful and humiliating retribution. She leaned in the doorway, clearly enjoying the spectacle before her. “Neat and pretty,” she ordered. She watched as her husband knelt, his trembling hands trying to carefully make the cursive lines he’d been taught. This first time is special, she thought, but I’ll never grow tired of enjoying our little ritual.

She straightened her posture, rising even taller in her stiletto heels, as her husband crawled forward, holding the pink heart-shaped tag with the purple writing. “Very nice,” she said, “you know what to do.”

She felt a shiver of power and authority flood through as she imagined the finished product, and watched as he silently nodded, turned and crawled away. Mmm, then again, it will always be a work-in-progress, repeated endlessly, keeping him in total submission.


Samantha Dillon crossed her leg and flicked her ashes into the large crystal ashtray held in the outstretched arms of her submissive husband. The sound and motion of her legs stirred the captive loins of her husband Ted, now her sissy maid Tedi. She used the pointed toe of her stylish pump to kick his legs further apart. “Does it hurt when you try to erect in that chastity device? It looks so hideous sticking straight out.” Her toe tapped at the plastic cock cage.

“It’s uncomfortable, Mistress.”

She shrugged, “Then I suggest you try not to get hard or excited; seems like a simple enough solution—even for someone like you.” She continued to idly thumb through the pages of a fashion magazine.

Tedi took a deep breath and concentrated on the increasing pain in his arms and shoulders. The large crystal ashtray was getting heavy in his outstretched arms. He was required to keep his arms perfectly straight, stretched to their full length, ‘weight times arm equals moment’ she lectured him. Now she’s using principles of physics to torment me.

He tried to focus elsewhere, think of baseball batting averages, anything to pull his attention away from both the pain and the sexual excitement. He was awash in a sea of sensory stimuli; his eyes drawn to the silky sheen of the expensive stockings that hugged her legs and ended in an expensive pair of designer stilettos. His ears were assaulted by the rustle of the stockings as she crossed her legs, or the way she let the shoe slip partially from her foot and slapped it against her sole. The sweet smell of her perfume mingled with that of her cigarette, so that each breath reminded him of her dominant presence.

“Higher!” she ordered.

The heavy ashtray had dropped an inch and he struggled to bring it back to height.

She flicked an ash, “Keep it up, or you’ll hold it in your mouth.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“We’re about to enter the next phase of our relationship,” she looked down at him, locking her eyes with his, “the one you begged for.”

He silently nodded; he could deny her nothing. When he’d married Samantha he’d married above his expectations. At five-eight she was only an inch taller than his five-seven, but she loomed over him in her ever-present stilettos. Her blonde hair, blues eyes and a curvy figure had quickly emasculated him and separated him from a six-figure trust fund.

“It’s no one you know, not this time, doesn’t mean that will always be the case.” She flicked an ash in his direction and smiled, “I met him at the gym; he was watching the anklet you bought me, the one that signifies I have a cuck at home. I told him about you; he actually didn’t seem that surprised, said he’d heard of such things.” She cocked her head and looked at him, “You’re sure about this? Once we start there may be no turning back. I may enjoy having lovers on my schedule.” She kicked at his chastity device and he almost dropped the ashtray, “Lovers with cocks that can actually do something for me. Speak.”

“Yes, Mistress, I believe you should have lovers, whomever and whenever you want. I’ll do my best to facilitate your needs in this endeavor.”

“Do your best,” she laughed. “Yes, I have no doubt.” She crushed out her cigarette but gave no command for him to stop holding the ashtray. “Your best will involve a lot; I expect the house to be immaculate when he arrives. You’ll have clean sheets on my bed, the pillowcases will be ironed. Sex toys will be clean with new batteries.”

He nodded, excited at his Mistress’s authoritarian manner and the plans of her love conquest. “It will all be as you desire, Mistress.”

“You’ll be dressed as a maid, not that tarty French maid outfit you have, but as an actual maid in a household. He’s expecting to see a completely submissive, feminized and domesticated sissy husband. You’ll receive more instructions throughout the week. My date is on Friday and he may well be spending the night, so you need to be ready to prepare and serve breakfast the next morning.”

“Oh, yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress.”

“One last thing, I want you to go shopping this week; you’re to find the perfect pair of panties for me to wear on my date. They need to go with my black garter belt and seamed stockings; something that will excite and please my date, something very special—understand?”
“Yes, Mistress, it will be my pleasure, thank you.”

“And if you have a chance, you are to tell the salesgirl what they are for; that you’re buying that special pair of panties for your wife to wear on her date with her lover.”
His face reddened.

“What? I thought you wanted to be humiliated?”
“Y-yes, Mistress.”

“Then revel in your submissiveness and whatever public humiliation that may bring. Perhaps the salesgirls can help you select just the right pair of date panties. But I will expect you to present me with the perfect pair of date panties on Friday. Get your book!”
He sighed, grateful to place the heavy ashtray on the coffee table. Tedi rose, curtsied and backed out of the room. He returned, seconds later, standing at the ready, his pink leather journal in his hands.

Samantha didn’t even look at him. “In the corner, ‘I am a chastised, sissy cuck’ one hundred times.”

He curtsied his acknowledgement and went to kneel in the far corner of the room. Tedi lifted his bottom, Mistress enjoyed seeing it displayed when he wrote his lines.

“Neat and pretty, I want you to develop a very feminine hand.”

He wiggled his bottom in reply and set about writing his lines in a careful cursive style.

She smiled; he’s so malleable, so willing. Samantha picked up her cell and dialed her lover. “Hey, thinking about you—he’s in the corner, writing lines—yes, I think he is excited—I know, he’s looking forward to meeting you as well.”

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