Chastity Cuckold Tales: Black Owned - Audio

Chastity Cuckold Tales: Black Owned - Audio
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Master Marcus moves in and takes control of a white wife, Rebecca, and her submissive sissy maid husband. Both Marcus and Rebecca have a long-term plan and everyone lives happily ever-after, when they are Black Owned.


Marcus reached out and grabbed handfuls of Rebecca’s breasts, kneading the creamy flesh in his large, strong hands. “Better git your white ass up here boy, git mah cock hard, ‘cause that’s the way your wife likes her cocks, big, black and hard.”

“Better do it,” my wife taunted. “And hurry, your wife doesn’t like to wait for cocks.”

I climbed onto the bed, licking my lips, lubricating them to encircle Marcus’s massive fleshy pole. It was Sunday morning, and I’d been serving Master and Mistress since Friday evening when their love-nest weekend started. I didn’t even bother counting the number of times I’d had a cock in my mouth, either getting it hard for Mistress’s pleasure or cleaning it after Master had fucked my wife. The number of occurrences no longer mattered; my focus was providing Master and Mistress the best sexual experience possible and I was expected to be both enthusiastic and appreciative.

Rebecca looked over her shoulder to see me taking Marcus’s cock in my mouth. “That’s a good husband. See, we both get to enjoy a real cock…”

A Real Cock. Our prior sex games, a little BDSM and Female Domination, had led to this, me sucking her lover’s black cock. One weekend at a swinger’s party hosted by a neighbor (who knew?) and Rebecca had her taste of a real cock. She’d fucked two men that night, one a well-hung black lawyer, and there was no turning back. She became a swing party regular until one of the women turned her on to the world of cuckolding, chastity and black lovers.

“It’s a chastity device,” she explained, holding out the CB-6000. “I thought the whole Female Domination/male slave thing turned you on?”

“It-it does, but…” I stared at the device; the tube that would enclose my penis looked so small.

She read my thoughts, “It IS small. It’s the short version, smallest one they make.” She stood back, sexily rocking one foot on its stiletto heel. “Are you going to be my slave? Isn’t this what you’ve been badgering me about? To take control?”
Her voice had an abrasive edge, but I couldn’t deny the scene was turning me on. “Sure, I fantasize about you being the type of Mistress who—”

“Then get fucking naked and on your knees.” She waited, “Well?”

Within seconds my clothes were on a chair and I was naked, on my knees in the middle of the room.

“Geez, was that really so fuckin’ hard?” She held the device out, “Do you know how to put this on?”

I nodded, “Yea, I’ve seen—”

She slapped me, hard, nearly knocking me over. “Listen, do you want to do this Mistress/slave thing or not?” She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, “Yes or no?”

“Yes, I—”

She slapped me again. I cringed.

“There’s no ‘yes’ or ‘yea’. It’s ‘yes, Mistress’ or ‘no, Mistress’. Now,” she continued, “do you want to be my chastity slave?”

I swallowed, “Yes…Mistress.” She brought up her hand and I flinched, but she caressed my cheek.

“See,” she smiled, “that wasn’t so hard. When you do what you’re told it will go much easier for you.” She brought her fingers to my lips and I kissed them. She placed the device in my hand. “Go upstairs, shower, shave your groin. Come to think of it, get rid of all the body hair. You can keep the eyebrows and your head hair, but all the rest…it has to go. Put on the device and report back to me.” She stepped back and extended her foot.

I bent down and kissed it. Kissed away my manhood, my marital bed, my cock and balls for all the use I get out of them.

Things progressed quickly from that point. We kept going to the swing parties, but I no longer participated, Mistress dismissed my situation with a, “It’s locked up, really no use to anyone here; honey, why don’t you go help the hostess, wash some glasses, clean some ashtrays.” My submissiveness and chastity quickly became a boon to the swing parties and I was little more than a servant to those in attendance.

Rebecca soon took to sleeping only with black men, praising their physical endowments, sexual prowess and physical stamina. I admit I’d never been a dynamo in bed, but always thought Rebecca had been satisfied. Perhaps she had, until she discovered real cock…

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