Sexy Hitchhikers - Audio

Sexy Hitchhikers - Audio
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Wade Rawley wanted to do things the old-fashioned way, drive his new herd back to his ranch on a good old cattle drive. But he hadn't counted on picking up two Sexy Hitchhikers. When he meets Annie and Misty he gets more than he bargained for. It's sensual girl on girl action and Wade gets to go along for the ride, making it an erotic threesome.


Just after the sun faded, Wade moseyed on down toward the lake, keeping an eye out to see if anyone watched him. As he approached the tree shrouded water, he heard splashes and whispered giggles floating up to him. The excitement ran through him as he started unbuttoning his shirt before reaching his destination. The zip on his jeans came next as he approached.
He dropped his clothing on the damp slope and dove into the water, swimming toward the sound of the light laughter. When he saw two heads bobbing above the water, he dove deep and probed until finding a pair of legs. He spread them wide.
Wade pushed his head toward the hairy mound and buried his mouth, capturing the protruding clitoris. His tongue shot out and rubbed sensuously across the nub bringing an excitement to whoever was enjoying his sexual aggression. It wasn’t long before he rose to take a quick breath of air. He dove again and captured the clit between his lips, sucking fervently until feeling legs thrashing beneath the water.
While he gave enjoyment to one of the women, the other latched onto his penis moving her lips erotically back and forth until he felt his blood pressure rising.
He rose again and two heads bobbed up next to him. "Let’s take this to the bank," Wade suggested, his tone ragged in the still night. "I want to fuck your brains out." His gaze landed on Annie, but he hadn’t mentioned her by name.
Wade followed Annie and Misty to a new spot beneath a tree laden with leaves and branches swaying in the evening breeze. "You gals go ahead and start. I’ll join in." Enthusiasm met his suggestion.
Misty lay flat on the ground and Annie climbed atop her, burying her face in the thick bush between Misty’s legs. The moon glancing through the leafy branches gave Wade a clear view of what was taking place. Arousal filled him, watching the scene as Annie and Misty’s tongues repeatedly swiped the other’s pussy, sending their legs thrashing about in excitement.
Wade felt his cock harden and twitch to a ready stance. He silently moved to Annie and kneeled down behind her curvaceous ass, placing his hands along her smooth, wet skin. Spreading the cheeks, he pushed his tongue forward and buried it into the little dark puckered opening. As he ran it back and forth, he heard Annie’s moans; the orifice lubricated quickly and he removed his tongue, pushing his hips close to her butt cheeks.
Before Wade made any move to claim the small opening, he rubbed his cock back and forth across her smooth skin hoping to excite her more. It seemed his gentle caresses worked as Annie pushed her bottom high into the air, inviting Wade to claim his prize.
It was all the invitation he needed.

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