Ride 'Em Cowboy - Audio

Ride 'Em Cowboy - Audio
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Beth and Wendy had a plan to pay off the ranch—enter the barrel riding competition at the rodeo and win the money. Capturing hunky bull rider Casey Sanders would also be a nice consolation prize, one the women were more than willing to share. Casey proves more than up for the challenge, ready to Ride ‘Em Cowboy, but the question is – who is going to live happily ever after?




Wendy felt a tug on her arm and looked across at Beth. "Look, its Casey riding by on a stallion."
When Wendy glanced up, she met a set of the most piercing blue eyes she’d ever seen on a person. She couldn’t figure out why she hadn’t noticed his deep blue eyes before; they were gorgeous. Long dark hair touched the collar of his cowboy shirt, peeking out below his Stetson. His handsome chiseled profile looked tanned, and when he smiled, his teeth glistened white in the morning sun.
Wendy felt something tug at her heart, but knew this was a strange reaction to have for someone she hardly knew. Just a few ‘hellos and good mornings’ in town didn’t make them bosom buddies, but yet… There was something she couldn’t define passing between them.
For the longest time, his gaze held hers. In those moments, she knew she was ready to try to seduce him as Beth wanted. Just you wait, Casey Sanders, until I get a hold of you. I’ll make you love every minute with me. The mere thought of his muscular body making love to her and Beth brought an excitement racing through her that she found hard to contain.
"See what I told you," Beth said, leaning toward Wendy. "He noticed us, and likes what he sees. Seducing him should be a piece of cake."
"Maybe," Wendy answered, watching the last float disappear down the street. "How many days do you think we’ll have to compete?"
"I hope only a few," Beth’s laugh bubbled out attracting a few people’s stares.
Wendy felt sore already from riding for the last few days to limber up to prepare for the rigorous next few days. She wouldn’t let the thought enter her mind that they could fail. Winning was the only way to ensure their future.
"Well, if you’re ready, let’s head to the truck and drive to the fair. We’ll have to unload the horses and get ready to compete."

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