Getting Wild - Audio

Getting Wild - Audio
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Neal Riley gets more then he bargains for when he takes a leave of absence from his job to tend bar for his brother at The Swollen Pussy Club. His life is turned upside down when librarian and would-be erotic novelist Jennifer Logan, takes a job as a stripper to – "research" – her next book. Jennifer’s ex-boyfriend Steve, and hostile erotic dancer Cameo, bring danger to the mix and threaten Neal and Jennifer’s on-again-off-again torrid romance. Only time will tell if her research will bring more than just a great story for her book – and a happy-ever-after ending for herself?




        Neal stood outside waiting for Jennifer to show up. He couldn’t believe that all those women were screaming for him. A few tried to give him their phone numbers, but he wasn’t interested. The only woman who interested him was Jennifer.

She walked out of the club right on time. He couldn’t wait to take her to his brother’s house where they would finally be alone.

He held open the car door and ushered her in. "Let’s get out of here. I want you all to myself, with no distractions this time."

Once he was in the car he pulled her into his arms. His finger tenderly traced the line of her cheekbone and jaw. "Do you know how beautiful you look right now? Did you know that when I came to the library, I didn’t come for any damn book! It was to see you. I had to be near you and I couldn’t think about anything else, but being inside you."

Jennifer closed her eyes and he felt the shiver run through her body.

"Jen, are you cold? I can turn up the heat if you want me to. He reached for the knob to turn it up.

"No, I’m not cold. Take me to your place. I need to touch you and I can’t do that here." She spoke in a weak and tremulous whisper, while her fingers touched his lips.

It wasn’t long before they pulled up in front of Nathan’s house. As she exited the car, he glanced at her legs; she had on black stockings to match the black dress she wore. He felt his jeans getting tighter. "Let’s get into the house before I fuck you right here in the driveway," he growled. Jennifer gave him a shy smile and offered her hand. He took her hand in his and walked her to the house.

He wanted her so bad his hands were shaking. It took forever to open the front door. Once inside, he helped her out of her coat, placing it on the chair closest to the door.

His fingers tore at the buttons on his shirt, and having removed it, he revealed his muscular torso once again to her. As his shirt fell to the floor, he caught her gazing at him.

He pulled her into a passionate embrace, first kissing her eyes, then the tip of her nose, and finally he brought his lips down on hers. She returned his kiss with equal enthusiasm. Placing her hands on his chest, she caressed him with her fingers, making his muscles tense. Her simple touch aroused him beyond anything he’d ever experienced. The feeling was more than he could handle. He didn’t know how much more he could take.

He wanted her out of her dress and his hands reached around her back and started to lower the zipper. Halfway down, it fell to the floor in a heap around her feet. She stood there naked except for her thigh high black stockings and stiletto heels. When he recovered from the shock of finding her completely naked under that fancy dress he broke into a wide grin. His hands roamed intimately over her breasts. One hand slid down her stomach to the swell of her hips, then lower to her inner thighs, finding her clit. His thumb began rubbing her, while one finger slid into the folds of her sex. Hearing her soft moan, his mouth covered hers hungrily, wanting more.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the old antique dining room table, gently placing her on top. She moved her fingers toward the band of his jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, pulling them down over his hard firm ass, past his thighs. He wasn’t wearing any briefs, and her eyes grew wide when she saw his long, thick cock.

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