Sinful Delights - Audio

Sinful Delights - Audio
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Jenna Mills was forty-two years old—divorced—and seeking solace and a new life in her new candy shoppe, Sinful Delights. She wanted to put her ex, Ted, and her mother behind her, along with their incessant nagging comments about her weight and clothes. When she hires sexy, younger man Kevin, to renovate her shop she cooks up more than penis and titty-shaped pastries. Will this young hunk make the curvy, older woman melt like the erotic chocolates in her shop? It’s a sweet, and sexy, time at Sinful Delights.

Note: Sinful Delights is the sequel to Jodi Olson’s popular Raining on Sunday.




At forty two years old, Jenna Mills couldn’t believe that a year had already passed since she’d opened the doors to Sinful Delights, her naughty candy and cake shop. It was yet another anniversary of sorts. One year ago, she’d also filed divorce papers and now, she was a free woman.
Ted, her ex-husband told her she’d never make any money selling naughty candy, chocolates, and baked goods because there was no market for it. After the first couple of months, her little shop in Seattle was a hit. Then to bring her down, Ted would tell her to stay away from fattening things; something he’d repeatedly told throughout their marriage.
With the money she’d set aside, along with the divorce settlement, Jenna could now hire someone to remodel the store so there was more room. The kitchen needed bigger cupboards for storage and the front needed more display cases.
Earlier in the week, Jenna had placed an ad in the paper to advertise her anniversary celebration. She planned to pass out free chocolate penis pops to the first fifty customers today. No one would ruin her day as thoughts of her ex-husband disappeared at the arrival of her first customer.
"I’m here to pick up my order of three dozen chocolate tiny-tit lollipops which I phoned in last night. And can you hurry, I don’t have all day."
"Mrs. Jones, I have them all ready for you. I just need to go get them in the back. It will only take a moment to wrap them."
When Jenna returned to the counter, Mrs. Jones huffed, "I see there aren’t any free samples out like the last time I was here. Did you eat them all yourself?"
Jenna blanched at Mrs. Jones comment, and was about to tell her where she could stick those lollipops when a dark blonde male approached the counter.

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