BJ's Cowboys- eBook

BJ's Cowboys- eBook
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When BJ stops by her old home town she’s not sure what she’s searching for, or what she’ll find. Was she looking to put the past behind her—or resurrect it? Her old lover, Bill, has his own ideas, of what he let get away, and what he wants now. It only takes a weekend with old friends Bill and Herman for her to put her claim on BJ’s Cowboys.


As he sauntered up to the bar, he took the stool next to BJ. He smiled and nodded, "How are you pretty lady?"
"Pretty lady is it? In that case I’m great." BJ leaned over and planted a soft kiss on his weathered cheek.
"Can I buy you a drink?"
"Yes, I’ll take another martini."
"Bartender," he raised his hand so the young man realized who wanted his attention, "a refill for the lady and a beer for me." Bill laid his hat on the bar and took his seat, turning her stool at the same time, capturing her between his muscled thighs.
BJ laid her hands in her lap and gazed into his eyes. The golden sparkle still radiated and the humor of the situation wasn’t lost. "So cowboy, how are you? It’s been a long time."
"Bill," the bartender interrupted, "Jason says if you want a table at Dude’s you need go in right now."
"Okay," he watched BJ’s face, "you were never one of those picky eaters, if I remember right. Jason burns a mean steak. Let me buy you dinner."
"I wasn’t planning to stay that long."
"Sure you were," stepping down from his stool he picked up his hat and took BJ’s arm escorting her in to the restaurant.
"You never took no for an answer did you?"
"No, and I don’t intend to start now. Jason I’m ready," the waiter immediately showed Bill and his guest to a secluded table. As he held the chair for BJ, he turned to Jason, "Ask Jordon to come out for a minute, will you please?"
"Will do," Jason hurried off to the kitchen.
"Who’s Jordon?" BJ asked.
"He’s the chef. I want to see what he can whip up special for our celebration."
"What are we celebrating?"
"Bill, there’s no us. I’m just passing through." BJ ran her finger around the rim of her glass trying to appear complacent in her response.

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