Rekindled Love - Audio

Rekindled Love - Audio
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The glamorous life of a fashion model was not without perils…of the heart. For Cassie, it meant an erotic photo shoot with an old lover. Had Antonio forgotten her? Could she hide her feelings, even as his body meshed with hers while the cameras clicked? In the ruins of an old castle, Cassie finds a REKINDLED LOVE.


         "I’m not making an objection about posing at the castle. I’m making an objection of posing with Antonio Sanchez." Her glance took in the stubborn expression that covered Josh’s tanned face. His dark gaze held the look of resolve, letting her know that she wasn’t about to get out of her contract. There was no doubt that he was impatient with her as she watched him shoving a hand through his blond hair pushing it away from his forehead.

"So, what’s wrong with Antonio all of a sudden? I thought the two of you were an item a couple of years ago."

Cassie clamped her lips together refusing to tell Josh Reynolds, her agent, what had taken place. She could remember the time so clearly in her mind and the thoughts were still painful. When she first met Antonio, she was overwhelmed by his Spanish charm. The man exuded sexuality with each breath; his bronze skin was taut over a lean and muscled framed. His black hair and midnight colored eyes set off his chiselled features to perfection. Although she told anyone who would listen how much she hated him now, Cassie felt the tug at her heartstrings when she pictured his face.

She remembered how she’d given herself freely to Antonio, wanting to share  her lover’s deep intimacy with him, how he’d slowly touched her smooth body with his long tapered fingers making her moan with pleasure. Antonio had taken excruciating pain to bring her the experience of that sensuous union. All the scenes were so vivid in her mind that she could feel the anticipated climax resulting from their love making. 

The last thing she needed was to see him again, after telling herself countless times that he wasn’t anything special. She’d been stupid enough to think he could be interested. All along he’d only wanted one thing; he’d wanted to make her another one of his conquests and she’d been gullible enough to fall for his charm. It still hurt remembering his words after they’d shared total intimacy, he ‘wasn’t ready for a relationship’, that she needed ‘to grow up a little first’. The words beat relentlessly through her mind.

The thought didn’t enter her head that he could have been right. At the time, she’d just turned nineteen and felt the need to experiment with what she thought was love. The sensation felt so exciting, she wondered now if it had actually been love, or an infatuation. She knew the deep anguish of rejection had yet to leave her.

"Well, you’re wrong, Josh," she finally spoke up. "Antonio and I didn’t have a relationship." She wasn’t quite truthful, but she didn’t want Josh finding out her secrets. There had been a relationship, although it was one sided.

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