More Than Friends - Audio

More Than Friends - Audio
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Brittney and Cara were best friends, with husbands—who had wandering eyes. But Brittney had a wandering eye as well, for the voluptuous curves of her blonde BFF. When the men cancel out on their foursome evening, Brittney lures Cara to her mountain hideaway, where it seems they are destined to be More Than Friends.







"Are you head over heels in love with Brody?" Brittney held her breath waiting for Cara’s answer. She knew better than to hope things would evolve further after tonight, but if they didn’t, there was always her fantasy to cling to.

Cara took a deep breath, "I don’t know if I’m head over heels in love, but I feel something for him. How about you and Zack?"

"No, I can’t say I love him anymore," Brittney confessed softly. "It’s been hard— staying in a loveless marriage."

"Then I suppose I should tell you I saw him with another woman near a motel on our way here tonight."

Brittney gave a half-hearted laugh, "I saw the same thing, but it didn’t bother me. He used the excuse of a corporate meeting, when all the time he was doing his secretary. Well, at least his excuse did involve someone from his firm." A smile tugged the corner of her mouth as she picked up her wine glass and took a long swallow.

"I’ve eaten enough," Cara said, following Brittney’s example and draining her glass. She held it out for a refill.

"My, it looks as if someone will be loose as a goose in a little while. I forgot to tell you I have a stock of sex toys upstairs, ready and waiting for just the right person." Her eyes focused on Cara, "and the person I’ve chosen is you."

"I love surprises," Cara admitted, removing her bib and picking up her full glass of wine downing all the contents in one drink. "Like you said, I feel loose and ready for action."

"I don’t need a second invitation." Brittney finished her wine and stood. She unsnapped her bra and dropped it on her chair. Next, the flimsy panties floated down to join her bra. "I’m all set."

"I’m glad you took those off," Cara giggled. "I was beginning to think you looked a little overdressed."

This time Brittney led the way up the stairs and felt Cara’s brown gaze devouring her rear end. She gave an exaggerated swing to her hips hoping to excite Cara more. As they entered the bedroom they’d left earlier, Brittney walked to the dresser and removed a number of items.
"You get to pick." Her laugh echoed through the room. "Do you see anything that turns you on?"

"Why don’t we start with the dildo? I’m ready and willing to be your sex slave." The lighter edge to Cara’s voice vanished. Seriousness filled her tone and facial expression as she reached out and grasped the dildo in her hand.

Brittney lay across the bed, her eyelids narrowed, focused on Cara. "All right, I command you to fill my pussy with the dildo while you’re eating me." Cara didn’t move for several seconds and Brittney gave her a mock stern look. "Did you hear me, Slave? I want you to get between my legs and satisfy me. What are you waiting for?"

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