Road to Desire (Desire Series 1) - Audio

Road to Desire (Desire Series 1) - Audio
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Matthew had a fantasy about submitting to his wife Samantha; to be Her adoring and worshipful slave, doing Her bidding, suffering Her torments and pleasures. What will happen when this hunky construction worker gets his wish, when he is forced to his knees and used as a sex toy? It’s a kinky affair when a loving couple starts down the Road to Desire.



Thank God her mother-in-law was going to take the kids for the weekend so they could have some alone time. With Mathew working days and her working nights they’d go to bed literally exhausted. She really didn’t have any complaints, except for the lack of sex and time alone. He was great to the kids and he always pitched in around the house with laundry and other household chores as much as he could.

She studied his face unhurriedly, feature by feature. His thick black hair needed a good trim, Maybe tomorrow, because tonight I’ll bring him to his knees.

Her eyes lingered on Mathew’s hands, his skin tan from working construction and being outdoors on a daily basis. She loved his hands; those strong long fingers could do amazing things to her body. Her nipples ached for his touch and her panties were soaked just thinking about those fingers inside her. Her gaze traveled up his arm. He had perfect, sculpted muscles, not too much, but enough for her.

“Come into the kitchen, Mathew.” Her smile was eager and alive with affection and delight. “I need your services for a moment.” Usually she wasn’t so bossy, but wanted to see his reaction because tonight he’d be kneeling, begging for release.

“Be right there, Sam. Need to clean off Mason’s messy face first.”

“Hurry up.” Oh this is fun. I could get used to this, hope it works in the bedroom this weekend too. She watched him walk toward her. She whimpered as her gaze landed on the fly of his jeans. He was aroused, extremely aroused. She wondered if he knew what she was thinking right now. Her cheeks blushed at the thought.

“Tonight couldn’t get here fast enough, babe,” Mathew groaned.

“I know; I’m going to give you an anniversary night you’ll never forget.” Her hand traveled down his chest, stopped at his belt buckle, and she heard him make that sexy growl she loved. Her hand rested over his long, thick erection; ever so gently she gave it a little squeeze. “I aim to have this inside me tonight, now get to work or you’ll be late again.”

“Yes, my Mistress.”


“What is it, honey?”

“Tonight make sure and knock; don’t use your key.”

Sam still couldn’t believe Matt finally agreed to do some role playing. Two nights ago he came out of the bedroom with a big box that had her leather outfit in it plus a riding crop and some other toys. He finally agreed to give into her fantasy of being her slave.


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