Olivia's Haunting - Audio

Olivia's Haunting - Audio
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Jayden Mathews had writer’s block. His latest erotic romance novel was stuck, and he couldn’t seem to find the inspiration to finish. It’s not as if he wasn’t an angst-filled romantic himself. He’d moved on, he thought, from the death of his first love Olivia, and was trying to create a life with Mallie, a woman he’d found new happiness with. But still… He needed an inspiration, a sign, but was he ready for Olivia’s Haunting?


After a time, Jayden rolled on his side to block out the brightness of the moon.  As he lay there, he felt an icy feeling beginning at his neckline and racing down his spine. His body stiffened. Then another sensation of fingers softly trailing his hair-roughened skin brought an even more startling reaction from him.

What in the hell is going on? Am I losing my mind? He quickly rolled on his side and looked around, his eyes narrowing to see more clearly in the darkness. There was nothing visible.

He thought his mind was playing tricks on him. Jayden turned again, planning to catch a little shuteye, but it was not going to happen. The scent of a familiar perfume, he remembered from the past, tickled his nose. He jerked forward, sitting up; this can’t be real. “Now, I know I’m losing it,” his voice again filled the quiet apartment as the words kept beating a path across his brain.

The intoxicating smell lingered, making another pass across his senses; the familiarity surreal. He felt as if he had traveled to another place and time in the past. It had been a happy one; one he’d relived in his memories for the past two years.

He jumped out of bed and his gaze darted around the room trying to locate the source. Nothing seemed out of place, but he knew in his heart he was not alone. He could feel the hair rise on his neck. As he shifted his head again studying everything in the room, he couldn’t figure out what in the hell had just happened. Some instinct told him there was someone close by and this was the person wearing the exotic perfume. The only one he ever knew to wear that intoxicating fragrance was long gone. It couldn’t be possible. That part of his life was over.

What happened next sent another set of chills racing through hm. Jayden felt smooth fingers caressing his naked body creating the magic sensation he loved. The chill soon changed to another set of feelings. His head filled with the memory of how much he had enjoyed the encounter and wanted more of the same.

The familiar scent of the perfume became even stronger and tickled his nose again. Memories that lay hidden in his subconscious resurfaced. It couldn’t possibly be happening. But he didn’t have any other explanation. Just when I have a little order in my life, she’s coming back. I thought I had her out of my system. I don’t know if I can deal with this in my life now. But in the back of his mind, Jayden anticipated what he was about to discover and looked forward to it. He just didn’t want to admit it.

It had to be Olivia. The perfume was her favorite. Jayden had trapped the scent in his brain and couldn’t forget it. He closed his eyes and pictured Olivia in his mind and the image set his adrenalin flowing. She was the most beautiful creature that ever walked, but maybe he was prejudiced. No, she had been so beautiful he felt his body trembling at the thought. He closed his eyes again and brought up a picture of her dark flowing hair gracefully touching her delicate shoulders. Her petite body filled his head and he felt the blood rush to his cock, mentally visualizing his lost love. He shook his head to rid his thoughts of the vision. Jayden knew he had to quit living in the past.

Olivia was dead and gone after three years of marriage, but the smell of her perfume covering the air in the room almost smothered him with the strong aroma. She had met an untimely death in a car accident and Jayden suffered with an emotional loneliness that he’d finally come to grips with. It had been a long journey, but he finally felt at peace. Now, it looked as if Olivia might be back, and he was not certain he was ready for her return.

Mallie Jarren walked into his life when he needed someone the most to bring normalcy back to his existence. She was beautiful in her own way with black hair and emerald green eyes. Her voluptuous figure was what caught Jayden’s attention when he first saw her in the little restaurant near his apartment. He found the courage to strike up a conversation and the rest developed between them. In the months since Mallie moved in with him, Jayden felt almost happy again, but the little seed of memory for Olivia wouldn’t die. She had been his first love and she always held a special place in his heart.

He closed his eyes and shook his head to clear his mind. “I must be going mad,” he spoke into the darkness, his voice filled with emotion.

“No, you aren’t,” the melodious voice answered him. That couldn’t be possible since Mallie was at work and he was alone.

When he lifted his eyelids, Jayden was in for the shock of his life. Am I dreaming? Is this for real? He thought he had finally gone over the edge, losing his mind. Maybe it was just an apparition and his mind was conjuring up the picture. There stood Olivia, au natural, with her voluptuous curves waiting for his touch. The need to hold her in his arms felt as strong as it had in the past. He needed to taste her sweetness one more time as he’d missed her so.

“Olivia, it can’t be,” Jayden murmured, feeling not only shock, but elation at seeing her again. The sight of her brought many memories flooding his mind like a rapid moving river. “Are you real? Are you really standing there watching me?” He had to touch her. The craving filled his head and he reached out the short distance separating them and ran his fingers across her velvety skin. He felt a surge of desire race through him that was so powerful he feared he might explode. The years floated away and it seemed as if nothing had changed. His first love had returned and she stood before him waiting for his touch.


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