Desire, Sex and then Came Love - Audio

Desire, Sex and then Came Love - Audio
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Luke Jennings took a sabbatical from his successful Midwestern manufacturing firm to seek solace on the beaches of Florida. His life changes, initially for the better, when he meets erotic dancers Jackie and Suzi. Their uninhibited sexual exploits send his mind, and body, reeling, but Luke finds there is a protocol to true happiness: Desire, Sex and Then Came Love.




Luke Jennings felt trapped in his own body, as he tried moving his arms and opening his eyes. What in the hell is wrong with me? His head ached, but he wasn’t sure what was causing the excruciating pain. The pungent medicinal aroma in the room was unfamiliar to him, making him believe he was in a hospital. The thoughts drifting through his head were scattered and didn’t fit the puzzle he was trying to piece together.

He made an effort to lift his eyelids, but it felt as if they were glued shut. Panic started to invade his thoughts and he wanted to scream out for someone to hear, but he felt sure no words would come from his mouth. He tried lifting his arms and legs, but the same reaction of not being able to move seized him. The paralyzing thought he might stay in this condition permanently overwhelmed him. Fear was eating him alive, but he couldn’t scream out, or find an answer to why he felt as he did.

The murmur of voices in the room suddenly caught his attention and made him strain to hear what they were saying. He listened intently not wanting to miss a word. “Mr. Jennings is in a coma and we’re not sure he will awaken,” he heard an unfamiliar voice speaking. “We’ll have to wait it out and see.”

So I’m in a coma, but why do I know what is going on? Most people awakening from a long sleep didn’t know what had happened to them, but here he was hearing voices and feeling sensations, yet unable to move, or make contact with anyone in the room.

As he listened, another voice chimed in and Luke felt relief recognizing dear sweet little Suzi Walker’s voice. “Luke is only twenty-nine and in good health; I’m sure he will regain consciousness. He just has to.”

“Oh, come on, Suzi, why are you arguing with the nurse. It isn’t as if you’ve known Luke long. Let them get on with their job in unplugging him.” Jackie Lauren’s callous words seared through Luke. All along he’d thought Jackie cared for him, with the wild nights they’d spent making love. Boy was I fooled. He found out in the next few moment’s it was Suzi who cared, instead. 

“You can’t do that to Luke,” Suzi’s anguished cry filled the room. “I won’t let you. And you, Jackie, should be ashamed for even thinking such thoughts.”

 “Calm down, Ms Walker, the doctor has no intention of unplugging Mr. Jennings,” the nurse’s words were a definite relief to Luke, although it wasn’t meant for him to hear. She was trying to console Suzi.

Thank you Lord for the small reprieve. Even if they did take him off his life support mask, Luke felt in his heart he’d survive on his own without the help of the apparatus connected to his mouth pumping him with oxygen.


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